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  1. Solved: 02 Tundra, Dead after totally fine? Weird hum and single click

    Problem solved: so it was the starter, thank god after the fun it was taking apart everything. Solenoid was activating but the starter motor was dead. Now I just have to put it all back together. So my wife pulled my 2002 v8 Tundra truck in the garage last night where she reported it started...
  2. Trouble with Door Locks

    The power door locks in my 2014 Tundra CM Limited are failing. Sometimes they work okay, and sometimes not. The rear doors are locking and unlocking, but the driver's door and front passenger door don't always work. The remote key fob, the unlock button on the door, and even inserting the key...
  3. Oval Fog Light switch

    Body (Interior & Exterior)
    I am looking for the oval fog light switch and the accompanying relay for my 01 Tundra. Anyone have these for sale? Thanks gentlemen, Maxattack
  4. Clicking or Ticking Relay Noise

    I have a 2012 Tundra Crewmax Limited Edition. It has 10,393 miles on it. After I had the oil changed at 5k I noticed a random clicking noise when I pressed the accelerator and then again when I let off. Then I noticed it would do it randomly. It doesn't matter what time of day or night. It does...
  5. Turn signal flasher for LED bulbs

    DIY: Turn signal flasher for LED bulbs Some of us have been waiting a long time for a company to release a replacement turn signal flasher that will accommodate LEDs. I got tired of waiting for someone to put one on the market so I modded my stock one. This post is to share what I did. My...
  6. 2004 Tundra A/C light blinking, not blowing cold air. V8, double cab

    Blower works, no cold air coming out. Happened all of a sudden. I have searched and searched for this and read lots of posts about it. I've checked for loose wires/ground bolt on the compressor per this thread...
  7. Horn relay location on 2001Tocoma TRD SR5 4X4

    I had to install a new horn, after it was installed and hour later it started blaring all by itself. Anyone know where the relay is?
  8. radio not working

    One day my radio was turning on and off by itself. Then it just stopped working altogether. It was been a couple of weeks and it still has not come back on. I have checked every fuse. I have removed radio, and I have tested the harness connection and found power coming from 1 point of the...
  9. How to fire a relay based on ignition state - question...

    Hi Guys, I'm wiring an inverter into the cab of my truck, but I want a relay to make sure power is shut off to the inverter when the ignition is off. The wiring itself is easy, I just don't know what low-amp wire or circuit I can tap into to control the relay (in other words, what wire I can...
  10. Starter Issue

    I see we are all having starter issues, I've got a 2000 Tundra 457,000kms just started having cranking issues (turn key nothing repeat it fires up) don't want to get hung up out of town. Battery load tests extremely good, changing terminal connections on battery first. I hope I don't need to...
  11. Starting/battery problems

    I was having starting problems with my 2004 2WD Sequoia for two days. It would start but it seemed to have a weak charge. I opened the hood and found out that the terminals were completed corroded. I cleaned the battery acid off the terminal using baking soda and water. I tried taking off the...
  12. 03 Horn Relay?

    I have an 03 tundra with a none working horn. The fuse is ok & the horns work when jumped directly to 12V. I have removed the airbag & looked for the switch , but am a little intimidated by the airbag. Is the a horn relay ? Is there any way to test the switch? I just need an quick fix to pass...