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  1. 2000 Tundra Remote Start Suggestions

    *Could post this in the electronics sub, but its basically dead *All the search results weren't for 1st gen Tundras or were very old I'm in search of a remote start for my 2000 Tundra. It's about to start getting cold and I'm having shoulder surgery in a few weeks and would rather my truck be...
  2. 2014 Limited DC Options - Seriously Dissapointed

    I am seriously disappointed in the options available for the Limited Double Cab. I have been driving a 2002 Limited since new for 176,000 miles with no issues (other than short lived front rotors and the frame recall - for treatment only, my frame was not bad). It never even crossed my mind to...
  3. Repurposing the Panic Button

    Toyota Solutions Nation! Does anyone know if it's possible to change the function of the panic button on the keyless entry remote? I'd like to reprogram it to open a garage / entry gate if at all possible, but I'm not educated on this type of technology so I need YOUR help! Alternately, could...
  4. 09 SR5 Alarm and Remote Start Wiring Diagram

    Hello everyone- Im wanting to install an Autopage c3-RS1100 Remote Start and Alarm on my truck. Does anyone know where I can find the alarm wiring and remote start wiring for: 2009 SR5 4x4 5.7 Flex Any help would be awesome! Thanks in advance! Runic:laughing3d:
  5. Remote Starter who has them

    I only have 1 key fob that I got with my truck. And is one of those things in the back of my mind of get another fob, and set of keys made. Asked the dealership and that is almost $150 for the fob.... yeah i know. So .... go to thinking how much I loved my Viper remote starter on my previous...
  6. Remote Start

    I just installed a factory remote start kit in my 2009 Sequoia. Install went perfect thanks to the Toyota instructions. The registration went well too. With all that said, the truck will not start. It tries, but just keeps turning over, almost as if isn't getting gas. But I can put the key...
  7. Parking light circuit

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    Installing a remote start, (Ready Remote 24927). Going fine until I hit the parking light flash part. It says if you find the line in which the voltage changes when the dash dimmer knob is turned, you have the wrong wire. Where is the one I want? Can't find it. Every green wire I test...