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  1. 2001 Sequoia liftgate tail light

    I couldn't find this online anywhere, but it was in my Owner's Manual so I'm adding it for the next guy trying to remove the liftgate tail light from 1st generation Sequoia. I recommend you buy spare Toyota 62955-20020 trim clips for this one when you buy the 168 bulbs. You only need one, but...
  2. Upper Ball Joint removal on a 2006 Toy-Tund 4WD

    Suspension, Axles, Brakes
    Hello all, first off let me tell you two things: 1.- this is not a write up 2.-If it wasn't for this forums I wouldn't have been able to do this service on my truck. Ok so I love this place, so much great info in here. I am only sharing this information and my experience, and pictures to make...
  3. 2013 Tailgate removal with Camera

    Back in October I was in an accident and my 2010 Crewmax was totaled. After a cracked sternum and two broken ribs I replaced my 2010 with a 2013 Crewmax 4WD. Went out today to get some mulch and when I got home I was thinking how or where do I unplug the camera because I usually take the...
  4. Removing window switch insert panels

    I know this has already partially been covered in a DIY on removing a door panel, but this is an exclusive DIY on just removing window switch inserts (commonly colored in black, silver or woodgrain). This DIY should take you less than 10 minutes to do all four doors. First off you'll need a #2...
  5. -DIY- 2000 tundra engine replacement

    Hello, turns out my two middle cylinders are trashed from over heating my truck from an accident and the radiator was leaking, my bad on checking the levels before leaving again. But on to the prob... I'm mechanically inclined, but a little intimidated on doing this engine swap with...
  6. Help - Removal of pull-out drink holder

    Interior & Exterior
    Help - Removal of pull-out drink holder in 1st Gen Has anyone taken the 2 cup pull-out drink holder out of their center console? I have an '05 Double Cab and was told you have to take apart that whole console area to get to the screws holding it in place, so curious if anyone has 1) done...
  7. Center Console Lid

    I removed my center console and recovered it. I think it came out pretty well. Thanks to JessandJamie. Their thread was very helpful. Forgot to take a before picture but the after is pretty cool.
  8. 2003 Sequoia Transponder Key ECU location and removal?

    When I purchased my used 2003 Sequoia LTD, it came with only one set of master key + remote and I just lost it. I then purchased a new blank transponder key ($60) w/o the programming and had it cut based on my VIN# by the dealer just to be able to put the car into neutral position and get it...
  9. 2002 Door Panel Removal

    I figured since I figured all this out I would update my post to be helpful to others in figuring this out so Im editing this first post... I have a attached a picture with instructions on how to remove the door panel. Once youve figured it all out, its very easy and you're done in less than 5...
  10. Help with replacing my 2001 Transmission

    All the bolts are off between motor and tranny and both drive axles are off (4x4) , shift cable and connectors are off too. I am down to taking the 3" by 3" transmission mount that's holding up the tranny and transfer case and having a hard time with the 4 long bolts (2 driver's side and 2...