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  1. Replace Rear Wheel Bearings / Rear Axle Info

    Suspension, Axles, Brakes
    Hello All - Just did the head gaskets on the 2UZ-FE and have been riding about 3K miles on it, so far, so good. If anyone needs details, pics, or info please gimme a holler. After dealer inspection have found center support bushing moooooshed and will handle that this weekend. Unfortunately...
  2. Bad rear end...very very bad rear end - please help

    1Gen-Member Mods, Build Threads, Write-ups
    Hey everyone- for those who chose to read this thread, you are in for a laugh and a few sighs lol I live in upstate NY- My bed and gate are long since salt eaten beyond recognition- So I decide to go go VA- 7 hours from me- for a killer bed, talgate and bumper I found on CL- No sooner than...
  3. Do I need new rotors

    Truck has 88k miles. The pads need to be replaced and the rotors don't have any grooves that i can tell. is it possible to tell from a photo?
  4. Subwoofer Upgrade Question

    I have the JBL Synthesis system in my 2008 Sequoia and am looking to upgrade the subwoofer. Instead of just replacing the subwoofer, I plan to add an amp as well. I plan to use the amps speaker-level inputs since they can detect the signal to turn the amp on instead of running a remote wire. I...
  5. Replacing Factory HU with JBL System

    I am going to replace my factory hu on my 2002. I have the JBL sound system and its way too outdated and everything needs to be replaced. I am thinking about replacing the hu and using that amp to power the speakers. I am trying to bypass the amps but use the harnesses that go on the amps and...
  6. How to replace door handle assembly

    :)Hey guys! i just got in my color keyed mirror caps and door handles. I already replaced the mirror caps, but i was wondering how to get the door handle off so i can put the new color keyed handle assembly on.. i tried searching around couldnt find anything with real good details. any info...
  7. Help with replacing my 2001 Transmission

    All the bolts are off between motor and tranny and both drive axles are off (4x4) , shift cable and connectors are off too. I am down to taking the 3" by 3" transmission mount that's holding up the tranny and transfer case and having a hard time with the 4 long bolts (2 driver's side and 2...
  8. How to change the rear brake light on 2003 Sequoia

    Remove the two screws holding the tailight cover in place. After you remove the two screws in the back panel, you have to pull the assembly. The best way for me to describe it is, you have to move to the side of the truck and pull the assemble towards you. You cannot pull it straight back in...
  9. alternator and water pump

    I am going to be replacing my alternator and water pump on my 2001 Tundra. Should I stick with stock parts or go with aftermarket? Any suggestions on which aftermarket product I should choose? Thank you.
  10. How do I replace the passenger side view mirror unit?

    Hi, I recently backed out of my garage and hit my passenger side view mirror. The mirror is still in once piece, however the whole unit is dangling from the car's frame. How should I go about either fixing it, or replacing it with a new unit? Is it an easy task that I can complete myself or...