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  1. 2000-2004 AC Instrument Panel and A/C Control LED's

    Lighting & General Electrical
    So, it took me awhile, but I finally replaced my instrument panel and A/C control bulbs with LED's. You'll Need: 7 X T10 LED bulbs 1 X T5 LED bulb 4 T10 bulbs will go in the instrument panel, then 3 T10 bulbs will go in the A/C controls. The 1 T5 bulb will light up your lower gear selection...
  2. 2004 Tundra frame replacement

    Body (Interior & Exterior)
    I am new here and am aware of many posts regarding frame replacement. I've read many but not found my answer. My frame is being replaced no cost. Dealer presented me with a list of items that will or may need to be replaced incidentally (nuts, bolts, bushings, etc. Total $1,700+\-). Should I...
  3. '08 Sequoia Liftgate Strut Replacement

    I had this question listed in this other thread, but figured I'd post it here too. I have a 2008 Sequoia SR5 with the manual lift gate and one of the support struts leaked, and now the lift gate won't stay open and slams closed. After scouring the Internet, I've come to the conclusion that...
  4. Which replacement headlamp: 2010 Tundra?

    Good evening, everyone- My driver's side low beam just went out on me this evening and I've been searching to find what bulb to use to replace it. I've a 2010 Tundra. I'm more than pleased with the stock lights, but they appear significantly brighter than bulbs I've purchased for other autos in...
  5. Repacement Stereo/Nav System

    I have a brand new 2011 Tundra Platinum (4 weeks); 3 buttons on the radio/nav have been cracked and looks horrible. I have checked with the dealer and they said it would cost more then $4800 to fix because they would need to replace the whole unit!!!!! They said the other option would be to...
  6. Repair / replacing side rail or bed rail

    I nearly tore out the side rail of my DC long bed taco the other day when the top of my Yakima rack hit the top of my office garage while ascending a ramp between floors. Luckily, the only thing damaged on my taco was the side railing that the bed cleats attach to. The plastic bed rail cap...
  7. 5.7 Serpentine Belt Replacement

    I know there have been several threads on changing the serpentine belt but I did mine recently and put together a DIY guide based on all the stuff I found. My advice when attempting to install the new belt, start with getting it around the crankshaft first and work all the pulleys in order and...
  8. how do i replace inst dash panel bulbs in 99 sienna?

    currently the fuel level illumination is out and the climate control panel illumination is out. best course is to change all the bulbs on the aging vehicle. also the ignition key surround illumination is out. problem for me is i cannot find sufficient detail on how to remove the instrument...
  9. HL Tail-light LEDs

    Has anyone had any success installing replacement LEDs? Any Gottchas?
  10. fastest way to replace rear window?

    I recently shattered my right rear window (next to the sliding window), and I need it replaced as soon as possible, please offer any suggestions as to: who to contact for a new window, if i can install it myself, or any other helpful tips. Thanks.
  11. 1997 Corolla Rear View Replacement - Pictures

    Corolla / Matrix
    Here is a tutorial on how to remove the rear view mirror on a 1997 Corolla.
  12. air filter replacement?

    I replaced my air filter with a K&N. I noticed in the upper part of the air box there is something like a filter up there. it looks a little dirty but i dont know what the heck it is? i tried to take it out but it seems like its not removable without breaking it out. Should I just get it out...
  13. Passenger Side Mirror

    OK. So I have been stuffing the new Tundra in our tiny garage for the last 3 weeks just waiting to hit something with the new truck:eek:! Well this has been a bad week. On Saturday I got a speeding ticket for 60 in a 30 but the cop was nice and gave it to me for 35. Anyway, yesterday I am...
  14. Replacement Tires for '06 Sequoia 4wd

    I'm due for replacement of my original tires. I have an '06 4wd SR5 Seq. I like the original Dunlops but I wanted to check to see if any1 had other suggestions... I only need them for typical road driving you know rain/snow. Thanks for any imput on type and good deals you might know of...