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  1. Sequoia
    We bought our third sequoia two weeks ago. It's a 2008 4x4. First one that has nav. I was playing with the radio , nav.. etc. I ejected the map DVD. Oh boi! Here we go. Since then it will not stay in. When you install it the DVD, the player runs... And eventually ejects the DVD. The NAV system...
  2. Highlander
    :beatsme:I have a 2006 Highlander and I can't get the low tire light to stay off. I have reset it; the auto shops have reset it; the dealer has reset it; and it keeps coming back on after a short time. I am at a point of putting electrical tape over the light so I won't have to look at it or...
  3. Sienna
    I have a 2005 Sienna LE with the passenger sliding door. If I press the door open OR door close button and the door is either in the fully open or fully closed position, the door will attempt to move forward, but acts like it is jammed and does not move. If I pull out on the handle it does the...
1-3 of 3 Results