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  1. Reverse acts as Park, nuetral as drive

    Just bought an 05 Tundra Limited 4.7, 4x4 from salvage. Tranny cooler line was pulled off and when we drove it onto the trailer reverse and forward were woking but started to slip as it lost fluid. Ended up having to rev it pretty high to get it to move. We topped up fluid with engine...
  2. Reverse wire in rear hatch

    Does anyone know which color wire is the reverse wire in the rear hatch loom? I'm installing a backup camera on the rear tailgate next to the license plate. I know the yellow/black wire behind the instrument cluster will trigger the monitor when the Sequoia is put in reverse, but need to splice...
  3. LED Backup Lights in rear bumper

    So, while at SEMA last year, came across the Warrior Products booth (primarily Jeep parts) and poked around. Found these 2-inch LED backup lights - I liked the look and the inclusion of the grommets, which I figured would make for a super clean install. Warrior Products 2910 - Warrior Products...
  4. Reverse Proxymity Sensors for 02 Tundra

    Hey every one I'm new to this site, well been observing for a while but just registered today so hi. My dad gave me his 02 DC Tundra and i have had my license for about 5 months now and I still haven't really gotten used to sensing how close an object or car is behind me yet (i managed to get a...