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  1. Sequoia
    Have been reading and asking questions on other threads. Thanks to MtClimber and Expo-Tundra for their help as well as Kevin71. My apology for butting into your lift thread. I look forward to hearing how yours works out. I eventually came around to the idea of a minor lift to a 14 Sequoia SR5...
  2. Tires and Wheels
    Howdy folks, This is my first post (been following the forum for a year or so). I'm running a 2006 Limited Double-Cab 4x4 so I wanted to get some input from others on their tire experiences running the same or similar 1st Gen Tundra. Mine has a 2.5 leveling kit and 285 tires, but I want to take...
  3. 2Gen-Tundra
    I am about to order a 2014 limited double cab but want the best ride quality as it will never see a dirt road nevermind off-road :cry3d:. It will be a daily driver with a lot of hiway driving, carrying motorcycles (road race bikes & gear) and some towing of a large boat. I have been told that...
1-3 of 3 Results