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  1. Hard downshift out of OD during highway speed acceleration (55-70mph)

    Hi all- I recently purchased a 2002 Tundra 4wd. The transmission has a somewhat hard shift when downshifting from OD to 3rd in the highway. It’s not super hard but there is a noticeable bump felt in the vehicle. It does not occur when you manually press the OVERDRIVE OFF button or when the...
  2. My 03 Tundra has oil pressure issues after changing to synthetic. Help???

    When I first start the truck the pressure is fine at halfway, as the vehicle warms up it will drop to the low line and spike up as I push down on the gas. I have read some of the other postings and other people have the same problem, if you could call it that. What Im getting is a rough running...
  3. low idle or no idle

    Engine, Intake, Exhaust, Induction
    This morning I start my truck and it is barley idling (under 500 RPM) but it runs fine until I come to a stop then It dies. I have a K&N intake So I read up and clean the intake (butterfly) clean the MAS still low idle. Then I notice a hole in the vacuum line that comes off the air intake the...
  4. New Tundra with 4.6L - Has anyone else had a slightly rough idle?

    Greetings, New forum member - first post. Just took delivery of my new ('11) Tundra. My first Tundra. Great truck, but I'm noticing a very slightly rough idle (when in Park or Neutral). Nothing severe about this rough idle (and hasn't thrown any OBD codes which would come up in a scan) -...
  5. Transmission clunk when feather gas

    Anybody have this problem on their 2wd 6 speed AT. Seems to happen when i'm trying to keep a constant speed between 20-50mph. I will lightly step on the gas while inbetween those speeds to maintain my speed. Usually happens after I lightly give some gas for a bit to gain a little more speed...