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routine maintenance

  1. Just bought a 2013 Tundra Platinum, looking for advice on cleaning and maintaining

    Body (Interior & Exterior)
    I just bought a 2013 Tundra Platinum. It's white, has a small lift (i'm not sure how much but its higher than other tundras on the road), 126000kms, and I love it so far. It seems the previous owner took it through some thick mud and never fully cleaned the running boards and the mud is caked...
  2. Routine Maintenance Questions-Timing Belt

    Hi, First, thank you for any advice or help. Second, I have an 03 V6 Tundra, manual, with 155k miles on it. I handle easy stuff, oil, brakes, spark plugs, ect. but know there are many things I'm not suited for. I've had the truck for about 40k miles with no issues. I got from my brother in...