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  1. My Tundra saved my (and others) life yesterday

    i think a good testimonial to the safety features of the gen 2 tundras. i was driving home from work yesterday a little spaced out from a long day. i live in eastern NC so the roads are rural and winding. traveling at about 50mph in a 45mph zone i came around a corner to see an SUV stopped in...
  2. Idle Speed Jumps Up & Down

    My 2008 4.7L Tundra has what I consider a Safety Issue, because when stopped at light or in traffic, it will, after a few (20) seconds, rev up from a reasonable 600 RPM to 900 RPM for no apparent reason. After staying at 900 RPM for a few (20) seconds, it will go back to 600 RPM. It will run...