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  1. Audio & Stereo
    So ordered the BeSpoke radio that was on eBay for a scream'n deal. Had done two other scion radios into toyota vehicle swaps w no issues. Granted both the sequoias I did had the regular radios, not jbl. But I'd read that the amp was right below the radio and all you need to do was unplug the...
  2. Audio & Stereo
    I need to install a double DIN 05 Scion HU in my 06 Tundra Access Cab with factory cd/cassette radio. My problem is different than CyberBilly's. He had an amp under his radio in dash. I found mine under jump seat in back. The Scion Pioneer radio sports the standard Toyota 10 and 6 pin plug...
1-2 of 2 Results