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  1. Electrical & Computer Systems
    My wife’s Sequoia has the driver side low beam out. I have tried a new bulb, checked the fuses, checked the fuse socket with a test light, and checked the bulb socket with the test light. It looks like the bulb socket is getting no power when low beam is on but gets power on high beam. The...
  2. Sequoia
    Hello, I am new... Found this researching suspension options for a 2014 Sequoia. Long and short, I have a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee, with a growing family I need larger SUV that can also service some off road needs. I have been disappointed with my Jeeps reliability and miss my 4runner. Would...
  3. General Classifieds and Miscellaneous Items
    I have a power heated driver side mirror off of my last truck. The mirror is a sport mirror in like new condition. I am located in Quincy, IL. Make me an offer.
  4. 1Gen-Sequoia
    my 2002 sequoia has the abs, vsc and brake lights on, i pulled three codes c1241, c1203, c1223. Can anybody tell me whats the deal? thanks arturo
  5. 1Gen-Sequoia
    A set of four TPMS sensors, in mint condition, for a 2005/2006 Tundra or Sequoia. Came from factory 17" alloy wheels. I got these wheels from a buddy who lifted his Tundra, and put them on my 2000. My truck doesn't have the TPMS functionality so I looking to sell. PM best offer. Sorry in...
  6. 1Gen-Sequoia
    a couple of months ago I purchased an 04 Sequioa and I was wondering Whats up with the interior lighting when the doors are open, the one over the middle seats go on and even the back ones go on but the map lights do not go on like the others. I have also a 2000 tundra and the map lights go on...
1-6 of 8 Results