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  1. 4wd Please Help

    My Sequoia stopped switching from 2wd into 4wd, and I've pulled the transfer case actuator off and cleaned the contacts, but it didn't seem to help. Would anyone know how to test (which contacts to supply power to) the motor that spins the worm gear? Also, any suggestions on fixing this...
  2. 2004 Sequoia LTD 4WD, Rear DVD, All Maintenance Records

    Vehicle Classifieds
    Non Smoking, Garaged, Dealer maintained with all records, bought as Toyota Certified, 4.7L Engine, 4 Wheel Drive, 122,500 miles, Silver/grey leather, 3rd row seating, steering wheel controls, duel climate control, rear DVD and rear passenger control, never been accident, downsized to Avalon...
  3. 02 4x4 off road pics

    so my girlfriend just uploaded a bunch of photos of my sequoia from this last year. theyre from different times of the year, all taken in rocky mtn. national forest, above and in-between denver and ft. collins. enjoy