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  1. 2003 Sequoia Dash rattle

    I've got an 03 Sequoia (same interior as 04-06 DC tundra) that has a very irritating rattle that happens when driving between 1600 rpm and 2000 rpm. It sounds like a high pitched, tinny, almost audio feedback kind of sound. It seems to be coming from inside the dash behind the radio. Any...
  2. 2001 Rear passenger axle seal questions. Do I need to replace bearings?

    I was adjusting my parking brake on my 2001 SR5 4WD to get it to pass inspection last weekend when I noticed some black "grease" on the rotor face between the rotor and wheel, as well as plenty within the parking brake when I adjusted the star nut. My suspicion is that this is a mixture of brake...
  3. 2001 Sequoia liftgate tail light

    I couldn't find this online anywhere, but it was in my Owner's Manual so I'm adding it for the next guy trying to remove the liftgate tail light from 1st generation Sequoia. I recommend you buy spare Toyota 62955-20020 trim clips for this one when you buy the 168 bulbs. You only need one, but...
  4. Could someone help me find a part?

    Hi!, I am trying to find this part, it's basically the part that it's in the opposite side of the plastic cover of where the driver power seat buttons are. The closest I have gotten looking in the internet is this...
  5. 08 Sequoia Humming noise above 55mph

    My 08 Sequoia 4WD Plat. developed a rumbling noise / slight vibration above 55mph. The noise goes away if I lift my foot off the accelerator but continue at the same speed. When I give it gas again it comes back. I took it to my local shop and one of the drive shaft U joints was bad. I replaced...
  6. TPMS Sensors for 05' Sequoia (Runing Steelies)

    Tires and Wheels
    TPMS Sensors for 05' Sequoia (Running Steelies) Looking for TPMS Sensors for 05' Sequoia. Being quoted $60 per. from Americas Tires. Where can I get best price for 4 TPMS. I'll bring them myself to install instead. I'm going to run Pro Comp 17' Steel Thank You!!!
  7. How tall is your sleeping platform?

    Hey guys, ive posted here before looking for help with a sleeping platform. I am once again reaching out to see what works/has worked for you. Im trying to decide how tall to make my platform without compromising too much head room. I am wondering how tall everyone is making their platform. Im...
  8. Looking 2011-2018 Sequoia 40/20/40 2nd row seat - buy or trade.

    General Classifieds and Miscellaneous Items For Sa
    Wife has a 2016 Sequoia and 3rd child on way. Looking for the 40/20/40 second row seat from ~2011 to 2018. Currently have the tan leather captain chairs and center console and would be willing to buy outright or trade. I would consider any color if tan leather doesn't become available. Thank you.
  9. Need new rear shocks... Options for eventual lift?

    So I busted one of my rear shocks on my 2006 Sequoia Limited. Been a bad couple months for car costs, so I'm looking to just do a bit at a time. I was curious if I'm looking to go eventually with a 2.5" lift or so, what kind of shocks should I put on the rear? Everyone seems to adore the 5100...
  10. Bushwacker Style Flares Gen 1 Sequoia

    Hi All, I wanted to install Bushwacker Style Flares on my Gen 1 Sequoia but I cant find! Just wanted a little different look from the OEM style flare. Has anyone seen Bushwacker style flares for a Gen 1 Sequoia? If these don't exist for the Gen 1 can someone please tell me what other...
  11. LOCK REMOTES - won't enter programming mode - Due to not all doors locking?

    I bought a 2002 Sequoia recently that came with one key and no remotes. I have sucessfully gotten transponder keys off of amazon, got them cut and programmed them so they are both working. Huge win! However.... for the life of me I cannot get the truck to go into programming mode to get the 2...
  12. Want to Sell or Trade Tow Mirrors for Stock Mirrors 2014

    General Classifieds and Miscellaneous Items For Sa
    I bought a used 2014 Sequoia with OEM Tundra Tow Mirrors. Don't need them for what I tow and want sell or trade with someone who needs them. Let's talk Located in SoCal.
  13. Where to mount brake controller on 2014 Sequoia?

    I need to put a brake controller in a 2014 Sequoia. The grossly large console limits the available space under the dash to mount it. The steep angle of the dash means I cannot mount it on the lower part of the dash. The placement of the air bag takes up all the horizontal surface below the dash...
  14. Bilstein 5100's whats the deal

    OK, so I have an 04 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4WD. I am currently running Bilstein 5100's. I need to replace them and doing some research there is no real clear answer other than from the "horses mouth" at Bilstein. If you look around you will find the "old" number as 24-188265. When you search...
  15. Tundra bumper to Sequoia interchangeable?

    Found a off road bumper on CL, not sure on brand but is from a 2003 Tundra. Did some searching but couldn't find any concrete answers on if it will work with a 05 Sequoia or need some headlight/grille modification. Attached is the pic Thanks in advance
  16. Whacked Steering VSC/TRAC blinking

    Hey guys, First off, I've read through every post that I could regarding the VSC/TRAC and Steering Angle Sensor recalibration. Some good info, but also seems like my situation is a bit different. Let me know if you have any ideas. 2002 Sequoia. 250K miles. Been driving fine since last fall...
  17. Show me your Car Camping/Sleeping Platform setups (with specs if possible)

    Im looking into buying a mattress for the back of the Sequoia. I will build a sleeping platform with storage this summer but would like to know what size mattress fits comfortably in the back. I would like 2 drawers on either side (passenger/driver) with a cooler pull out in the middle. I will...
  18. 02 sequoia sr5 rwd: 132k miles only but needs trans

    Vehicle Classifieds
    Time has come to sell my beloved black on tan (cloth) 2002 Toyota Sequoia SR5 RWD! THE GOOD I've own it for the past 5 years and have extensive maintenance service records available ($9K over 5 years) including new timing belt a year ago, new brake callipers all around, new catalytic...
  19. Transmission shot after dealer maintenance

    Seeking some technical (possibly legal) advices on an unfortunate situation: I own a 2002 Seq since 2011 with only 132K miles on it that I have continuously maintained during my ownership to drive it another 100K. Timing belt & water pump have been done last year, with a plethora of other fixes...
  20. Best place in Sarasota area for timing belt job?

    Guys, I could use a little input here. I have an '06 Sequoia 4x4 with 151K on it. I want to do the timing belt and water pump as I plan on keeping her for awhile yet. Local dealer (where I bought the thing brand new in 2006) wants over $1,100 to do the job. Probably more after they sell me a...