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  2. Camshaft Sensors Failed??

    Need some help relatively quickly if anybody knows. I was driving my Sequoia on the highway and while driving, the VSC, Trac Off, and the check engine light all came on. Truck still seemed to still be operating normally, so didn't think much of it, just kept a good ear open for sounds from the...
  3. 2003 4.7 Serpentine belt or idler?

    Just need an opinion, either my belt or idler pulley? chirps- not when under power, only when I lift off the pedal at 40+ mph on the road. Currently has a gates serp belt, was thinking of getting the gatorback to see if it stops before heading to the idler. Wondering if anyone else has had this...
  4. 5.7 Serpentine Belt Replacement

    I know there have been several threads on changing the serpentine belt but I did mine recently and put together a DIY guide based on all the stuff I found. My advice when attempting to install the new belt, start with getting it around the crankshaft first and work all the pulleys in order and...
  5. RE: Serpentine belt replaced at 43000 KM's (27000miles) on an 08 Tundra.

    RE: Serpentine belt replaced at 43000 KM's (27000miles) on an 08 Tundra. Hello all. I have had this squealing noise from my truck for a while. Took it into Sunshine Toyota here in Winnipeg and they stated that the belt needed replacement and wanted to charge me $300 to replace it. I took...
  6. Serpentine belt started squeaking

    I have a 2005 Tundra. I just replaced the serpentine belt last year with a Duralast (which my dad recommended) and now it's squealing again. I replaced the belt last year because it started squealing, then had no problems until now. Could this have something to do with the weather being dry? I...