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  1. Shaking at highway speeds after helping tow car from ditch

    New Member Introductions
    Hello All. New member here hoping to get some advice on a recent issue I'm having with my 2012 Tundra. Cold Montana winter, recent storm cycles and flat light have conspired to hide the roads edge and have put several people in the ditch in recent weeks. I was trying to help my neighbor after...
  2. 2002 Toyota Tundra issue

    My Tundra has just about 114K miles on it and I've owned it since 2004 with just under 30K miles. I love my Toyota, but for the last year, it has been shaking and vibrating in a very strong manner. I've had alignments and tire rotations and nothing has worked. For the last month or so I have...
  3. Help upgraded fog's on 08 tundra to HID now fuse blowing.

    Hey guys I installed 55w 4300K for fog lights. I have popped a 15amp fog fuse already once. I have also noticed that there is a slight shaking light (not flickering on off but has a slight shake to it while parked) and it alternates sometimes from left fog and sometimes from right fog...