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  1. Need new rear shocks... Options for eventual lift?

    So I busted one of my rear shocks on my 2006 Sequoia Limited. Been a bad couple months for car costs, so I'm looking to just do a bit at a time. I was curious if I'm looking to go eventually with a 2.5" lift or so, what kind of shocks should I put on the rear? Everyone seems to adore the 5100...
  2. 2017 Tundra Platinum shocks, struts, splashguard

    Gen2 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2007-current)
    Selling 2017 Tundra Platinum front struts with springs (complete) with rear shocks, and splash guard. I upgraded to the TRD Pro suspension after 500 miles. These are in perfect shape. I will post pics later tomorrow. $200 plus shipping for shock and strut combo and prefer local pickup for the...

    Looking for lowest prices on Bilstein shocks??? has the lowest prices on Bilstein shocks, + an additional savings of $5 - $10 off your order! Exclusive to Tundra Solutions members only! Save an additional $5 on a pair of Bilstein shocks! Save an additional $10 on a set of...
  4. Truck runs like new again

    Hello all. Pretty new here so not sure if this is the place to write this but here it goes anyways. I recently did a bunch of work to my 01 Tundra SR5 (243,XXX miles). Here is a list of everything I did. 1. spark plugs, oil, filter and air filter (NGK Iridium, Castrol full synthetic, K&N oil...
  5. Bilstein's and max tire size

    2Gen-Steering System & General Handling
    Okay, so I'm pretty new to lifting/leveling, but from what I've read I can level my 2013 doublecab with the adjustable bilstein 5100 series shocks? I've read too that adding them to the rear will give best performance? Also, what offset could I add that would bring the tire out, but not well...
  6. Diff Drop Kit - 00-06 - NIB

    Gen1 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2000-2006)
    I am selling a Diff Drop kit for 1st gen Tundra. I paid $30, but never used it. Been sitting in my garage, trying to clean. Everything you will need is included. I cant seem to find the stickers or keychain that show in the amazon link. Supreme Suspensions - Tundra Diff Drop CNC...
  7. Shock Suggestions

    My Bilstein 5100's have disappointed me, my left front blew out and my right is leaking from a crack at the base, this happened out on the trail at Great Sand Dunes National Park in CO. Any suggestions for a relatively similarly priced shocks that are equally fit for mild 4wheeling and regular...
  8. New guy needs help.

    Hello all- New to this forum stuff but from what I can see this is where I need to be. My question is quite simple. I have a 2003 SR5 TUNDRA with the 4.7 V8 with 98k miles. I'd like to replace the timing belt, H20 pump, and the shocks/struts. What are the most economical kits / parts to...
  9. New guy needs some help.

    Hello all- New to this forum stuff but from what I can see this is where I need to be. My question is quite simple. I have a 2003 SR5 TUNDRA with the 4.7 V8 with 98k miles. I'd like to replace the timing belt, H20 pump, and the shocks/struts. What are the most economical kits / parts to buy for...
  10. WTB 2014 leaf springs OEM

    Hi, Looking for some OEM leaf springs and Shocks. I also need the shackles and the Left front mounting bracket. Please give me a call or text Don 214-629-4249
  11. Rear Shocks OEM

    Gen1 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2000-2006)
    I just replaced these with 5100s and I'm hoping someone on here will pay a small penny for my old ones. 80k of light to moderate use on the old ones. first 70k were used pretty much exclusively for an older gentleman to take his grandkids to school and back for 10 years. They are in good...
  12. Intermittent Problem w/ Rear Air Suspension

    I've got a 2005 limited w/ rear air suspension. 130k miles. Some mornings, but not every morning...once or twice a week, the rear air bags will be empty and the back end is squatted down. Start her up, the compressor kicks on, airs them up to normal, and all is ok. The rest of the time, the...
  13. Suspension / Shock Upgrades?

    Suspension, Axles, Brakes
    I have a 2006 Tundra and use it a lot for towing my boat. Over the years its taken a toll on the shocks. Any suggestions as what to replace for level and comfort ride?
  14. Fox 2.5 Shocks For Sale W/ Remote Reservoir.

    Hey guys, i am still kinda new to the forum and i need some help. I have a pair of Fox Racing Shocks with Remote Reservoir the 2.5 series and i would like to sell them. They fit the 1995-2004 Tacoma and the model number is 634190-409-A .... As you all may know they were new $1,300 and are some...
  15. '05 tundra shocks and coilover questions

    My '05 Tundra (4X4) has 110K on her and I'd like to coax an additional 110K or more out of her. I just purchased a set of Bilstein 5100 shocks but have not installed them yet. Is there any reason to replace the coilover springs while I'm at it? If so, will OEM coils do the trick or should I...
  16. 2002 tundra strut/ front end upgrade help needed (pics)

    Hey guys, ive got a 2002 tundra v6 5 speed with a 3" spacer lift and 34's on 20's. The front end started to have a loud racking noise on turns which indicated the front end was going out. I took it to the shop and they quoted me an insane $3000 fix. I went ahead and looked at the stuff online to...
  17. Broken 5100

    I snapped my front left 5100 Bilstein strut last week. Driving in the desert at 30mph. Definitely wasn't doing anything which should have compromised my struts. Very disappointed in the 5100. Apparently made for pavement Queens.
  18. Rear brakes, front shocks - nasty DIY surprises - Any more??

    Hi - just joined tundrasolutions, have been lurking and mooching for a long time (thank you!). I have an '06 Sequoia SR5 that I just did the rear brakes and rear shocks on. While trying to pull off the rotors I discovered the drum-style parking brake INSIDE the rotor (after I destroyed some...
  19. Questions about shocks !!

    Hey guys, im new here so bear with me if you can. I have a gen 1 tundra i think ( 2005 4 door SR5 ) and i have had a 3 inch level kit installed on my truck a little while ago and i love it. ive been reading a few things online about upgrading my shocks in the rear and possibly the front struts...
  20. 03 Tundra with 5" body lift - can i get shocks tall enough to fit the lift??

    Hey im pretty new here, ive read alot of threads but havent actually made one yet till ive got a 5" body lift on my 03 tundra from tuff country and i want to get rid of the stock shock since the body lift throws a big shock spacer in there and I cant seem to find any shocks that will...