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  1. Rear brakes, front shocks - nasty DIY surprises - Any more??

    Hi - just joined tundrasolutions, have been lurking and mooching for a long time (thank you!). I have an '06 Sequoia SR5 that I just did the rear brakes and rear shocks on. While trying to pull off the rotors I discovered the drum-style parking brake INSIDE the rotor (after I destroyed some...
  2. Pulling my engine, anyone have a pdf, shop manual information

    I will be pulling the engine on my 2001 Tundra, 4.7 liter, 4x4. It has low miles but has rolled a rod bearing on slipped a wrist pin for no apparent reason. Its not worth trying to rebuild according to most people, so I am going to swap in a good used motor. I have a chilton's manual but it...