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  1. ladder rack 2007 crew cab 5.5' bed?

    Interior & Exterior
    I really like BodyArmor 4x4 Tundra, Tacoma, Cruiser, Jeep, Ford Truck Armor TN-6124 rack, however they only make it for the double cab tundra with the 6.5' bed. Does anyone know of a manufacturer with similar style racks?
  2. Do you find "folding" better than "retractable" for SHORT BEDS? Which ones?

    Truck Bed Tonneau Covers
    Do you find "folding" better than "retractable" for SHORT BEDS? Which ones? It dawned on me that I need to stop looking at the nice retractables as they will take up about 15" of the precious small space I have already in my 5'6" Tundra bed. So I turned to folding since we're installing a 5th...
  3. Dealer said YES, shortbed CrewMax can pull 5th wheel. Books says NO??

    Uh Oh. When we were considering buying the 2010 CrewMax shortbed Tundra, we said the ONLY way it would work is if there is a way to install the connection in the bed so we could haul it. He said Oh yes, we know two places that do it. He called them and they both said yes. He then came to look...
  4. Low profile tool box for 07 short bed

    Just purchased a 2007 V6 Tundra regular cab short bed truck. I am a horseback rider and I need a tool box in back to store items that will not fit behind the seats or that need to be out of view for security. I am 5' 4", so I need a low profile toolbox so I can keep as much visibility as...