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  1. 2002 Sienna code P0174

    I started out with the P1155 code (front O2 sensor) replaced that, and got P0174. To the best of my research, this is "mixture too lean". I cleaned the MAF. When that did not work, I replaced it. Still getting the code. What else should I try? The online reports on this one are rather vague...
  2. 2010 Tundra CM Plat alarm with Sienna 5 channel remote???

    I am wondering if the alarm controller (computers) in Tundras and Siennas are the same. I would like to add a Pace Edwards power bed cover, but dont want 2 remotes. So I was thinking about using the Sienna remote with 5 buttons if the Tundra computer can recognize the additional 3 signals the...
  3. How to convert 4-way trailer wiring to 5-way on 2004 Sienna??

    I would like to add trailer brakes to my boat trailer. In the past, I have owned a boat trailer with disc brakes and a electric reverse backflow solenoid, that prevented the brakes from engaging when the vehicle was in reverse. This set-up worked great on the Tundra with the 7 way wiring. I...
  4. Where is the oil drain for Sienna 2006?

    Where is the oil drain for Sienna 2006 LE? and how many quarts does it take? I attached a picture for my Sienna where I think the drain is, but if you can confirm I would really appreciated. Also, Is there a clean way to change the filter because it's in tight location. Thanks
  5. Sienna Sliding Door Cable.... PLEASE READ!!!

    Hello, my name is Chris Mitchell, We own a Toyota Sienna XLE 2004. Back in November 2008, the driver sliding door cable snapped, making the door jam and unusable in "power" mode. Cable dangling out of its socket, we drove to our dealership to have it serviced. The repair came to over...
  6. Dynamic Laser Cruise Control

    Hello, Has anyone had a problem with the LCC switch? Sometimes when the speed is set and I push the lever to go "up", the setting goes down; i.e. it's on 50, I want to go to 55, I push the lever up, it goes to 45. Thanks!