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  1. Tire Size help!

    I have a 2007 Tundra with a 2.5 OME lift front and back for use as a Fire QRV. Currently have the stock tires and wheels on it. Looking for a bigger tire that will fit with the lift with no mods. ALSO... VERY IMPORTANT... needs to have clearance for chains during snow/ice. Have looked at...
  2. Tire Size Selection - Help Needed ASAP

    Hey Guys - I'm looking to upgrade my current tires (running an 08 DC SL5 w/ the Steel Rims and Bridgestone Duler 255/70/18s) - Truck only has 15k but I just got a set of the TRD alloy rims and can't wait to replace the Steels. I've read just about every post and it seems that for most of you...
  3. Speakers for 1st gen. access cab

    Audio & Stereo
    I know that the door speakers are 6 3/4 but has anyone been able to install size 6 1/2 with no problems. I just want to know because there are more 6 1/2 speakers out there than 6 3/4. Thaanks.
  4. What BFG All-Terrain Fits My Tundra?

    I want to fit my 2006 Tundra, 4WD with a set of BFG all-terrains. I am open for a larger tire but I do not want to compromise the ride/comfort. My current tire size is P265/65R17. Any ideas?
  5. What size tires and wheels can i fit?

    I'm looking to go to 22" wheels. But im not sure if i can go that big and still be able to turn sharply w/o rubbing. Does anybody have any experience or any knowledge as to how big i can go w/o a lift or any extra modding? Thanks!