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  1. Codes trip repeatedly after transmission swap

    I installed a transmission that was used out of a 2001 Tundra Limited V8 with 104K miles just like mine this past weekend and now the codes P0753, P0758, and P0773 - Shift Solenoids A, B, and E plus P1700 and P1760 trip after about 10 minutes of driving. I can clear the codes and the engine...
  2. Intermitent starting problems

    I have been having intermittent starting problems. I live in San Diego so not really a cold weather problem. This is what happens when it happens. I put the key in, Press the clutch, Turn the key and there is nothing, All the lights come on, but there is nothing from the starter, no clicking...
  3. Starter Issue

    I see we are all having starter issues, I've got a 2000 Tundra 457,000kms just started having cranking issues (turn key nothing repeat it fires up) don't want to get hung up out of town. Battery load tests extremely good, changing terminal connections on battery first. I hope I don't need to...