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  1. 2Gen-Tundra
    Hey guys, Im brand new here, and this is my first post. I'm a Honda Tech, and have been for 8 years now. I have a 2008 tundra, and ran into an issue this last tuesday. Im on the east coast, and we had a snow storm blow through. I ran over a piece of angle iron on I 95, and blew out a tire...
  2. Sequoia
    I bought my 2008 platinum edition with 6000 miles on it from the dealer as a new truck. It came with the mfg optional TRD brake package. The rotors were warped the day I bought it. Another dealer said there was a heat problem and replaced the Rotors and Calipers. 20,000 miles later, the rotors...
1-2 of 2 Results