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spark plugs

  1. NGK or Other brands

    Mileage and Fuel Economy
    Hi every one.. I looked thru the threads and really didn't see much on my question, So I am seeking anyone's advice on this matter! I want to do a Spark plug change Mainly just because of the mileage, Truck runs fine ! ,, I can get a set of 2 NGKs Iridium IX Spark Plugs at the parts store...
  2. spark plugs

    i need help changed spark plugs month ago and mpg went from 17.5 to 13.2. I used NGK any ideas should i get new plugs from the dealer and replace them again?
  3. Problem Codes

    My '05 Tundra is showing problem codes P0175 and P0172. I'm thinking I need to clean or replace my Mass Air Flow sensor. I just turned 100K miles, do you guys think I should try to clean this one or replace it? Also, gonna change out my plugs. Give me some opinions on which are the best...
  4. Damn @$#%#[email protected] supercharger acting up

    So, I get to join the damn club. My 07 CM S/C TRD decided it would go into b!tch mode about 3 weeks ago. It had started to flash all the ENGINE/VSC and Traction lights just before and limped out. I pulled over, waited the requisite 1 min. started her back up and away I went. About 5 miles later...
  5. Spark Plug replacement HOW-TO w/ pictures

    While searching for info on spark plugs (e.g. platinum vs iridium, Denso vs NGK) I noticed that there were quite a few members asking about how to change their spark plugs, but there didn’t seem to be any write-up on the subject. Having just purchased 8 NGK Iridium IX plugs (part # 6418) and a...
  6. 2006 4.7 DC OBD II code P0196

    My passenger side air back ALWAYS says off and i have a picture of the air bag deployed in my dash so i went to get it scanned and i got a reading of P0196 and was wondering if someone can further explain that to me thanks! i've looked into it but not sure if it applies to the air bags code...
  7. How to change rear spark plugs on 2005 Avalon

    How do you get to the 3 rear spark plugs under the intake manifold? I can't even see them, let alone get my hands anywhere close enough to feel around so that I can remove the coil packs and then the plugs. Do I really have to take off the intake manifold, or is there an easier method?
  8. Whatdoyaknow I had LSD:) and a bigger bill:(

    Turns out I have LSD. That was a nice thing to find out. I had been debating about getting an ARB locker or the Kazumo (sp?) LSD. Guess that debate is over:) I got the fluid changed at 44K. I know...I know I got raked over the coals at $105.00 for a rear differential fluid change, but it's...
  9. Spark Plugs and Headlights

    Completely new and this is my first post. 2001 SR5 2WD - completely bone stock except for an awesome "speed dent" on the rear passenger fender:mad: and a brush guard. I'm looking to change my spark plugs since I got my truck about 40,000 miles ago and it now has 86,000 miles on it and I have...