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speaker install

  1. 2004 Sequoia front speaker issues (Solved)

    Hello everyone, New to this forum, but not posting on them. So I’ll make this quick and brief. 2004 Sequoia Limited 112,000 miles. Purchased used for road trip/camping. Problem: Both front speakers don’t work. Checked stereo fade and balance. No static or buzzing. I pulled the door panel and...
  2. 2011 Tundra Double Cab Speakers Install with stock head unit NOT JBL

    I love Polk speakers and my Tundra (except for the stock audio system). I have had Polks in the house since 1990 and now I want them in my truck. I do not have the JBL head unit in the truck. I am thinking of adding the MM6501 speakers in the doors with the tweeters in the sail panels...
  3. Tips on replacing door speakers?

    Hey guys, My 2004 SR5 Sequoia has a couple of blown speakers (low/mid on the front doors) that I would like to replace. I'm tired of throwing myself at the mercy of Best Buy - is this something I can do myself? I've never taken off a door panel before and don't want to Tim Taylor this job -...