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speaker replacement

  1. Audio Guys need some advice... Focal speakers which ones??

    I am completley fed up with the sound of the stereo in the Joke of JBL premium audio system in my truck :embarrassed3d: . I am going to replace/upgrade in phases or steps. I am going to start with the speakers. I have been reading countless threads on many different brands and people's...
  2. Please HELP WitH AudiO SysteM (Tundra08 dc)

    Hello And welcome to my posT :help: THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP:help: :focus: So .. My problem it's really really simple ..... not a big deal ! :sad::sad::cry::cry: :noidea::noidea: I don't have a clue how to install My new In-dash gps, amps with new speakers and subwoofer, I don't...
  3. Tips on replacing door speakers?

    Hey guys, My 2004 SR5 Sequoia has a couple of blown speakers (low/mid on the front doors) that I would like to replace. I'm tired of throwing myself at the mercy of Best Buy - is this something I can do myself? I've never taken off a door panel before and don't want to Tim Taylor this job -...