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  1. 2006 Limited stock ride height and springs

    Suspension, Axles, Brakes
    Is it just me or does the 2006 Limited look lower than other Gen-1 Tundras? I've noticed that mine especially looks lower in front. Did models like the TRD, SR-5 and Limited have different springs and different ride height? A follow on question is regarding the springs on my Limited. They seem...
  2. Need new rear shocks... Options for eventual lift?

    So I busted one of my rear shocks on my 2006 Sequoia Limited. Been a bad couple months for car costs, so I'm looking to just do a bit at a time. I was curious if I'm looking to go eventually with a 2.5" lift or so, what kind of shocks should I put on the rear? Everyone seems to adore the 5100...
  3. 2015-2016 Highlander Lowering

    Seen the TRD Built Highlander (kluger) anyone know where i can get coilovers/lowering springs for this besides Tien. Tein wants to charge $700 for lowering springs that only drop it a 1". Im in the process of building my wifes car for Sema this year.
  4. WTB 2014 leaf springs OEM

    Hi, Looking for some OEM leaf springs and Shocks. I also need the shackles and the Left front mounting bracket. Please give me a call or text Don 214-629-4249
  5. '05 tundra shocks and coilover questions

    My '05 Tundra (4X4) has 110K on her and I'd like to coax an additional 110K or more out of her. I just purchased a set of Bilstein 5100 shocks but have not installed them yet. Is there any reason to replace the coilover springs while I'm at it? If so, will OEM coils do the trick or should I...
  6. Bilstein 5100 & Springs

    Hi all, I've read a great deal of posts about the Bilstein 5100 adjustable shocks and I'm a little confused. I have a 2006 DBL Cab 4X4 and I am planning on ordering the 5100 adjustables and going with a 2" lift to level out the ride and provide a little more clearance. ARE THE STOCK SPRINGS...
  7. Need to replace shocks

    Suspension & Axle
    I have a 2000 2wd access cab tundra with 180k miles: one of my shocks is leaking so I need to replace it, I have stock springs/shocks with 2" revtek spacers installed. This is strictly a street truck. What replacment shocks did you use, any recomednadtions for me? At what mileage did you swap...
  8. Suspension Question Before I Spend $1000

    Hey Guys, First post on here for me. So...I have a 02' Tundra and a few years ago I installed coil spacers that are about 2'". As I have found on the forums that was not the best decision and my ball joints hit the springs and are now toast. I also have 1" blocks in the back so the truck sits...
  9. HELP! 4.7 Test Track Truck

    Ok some history first on my 2007 SR5 Db Cab Tundra. I purchased it as used/new from the dealer at a great price, I was told that the truck was a Toyota Test Track Truck with 7200 miles. Fully loaded with a tow package, "Great" That’s when it all started! Of course I want it fix her up...