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  1. Engine, Intake, Exhaust, Induction
    Hello - new to Tundra ownership and new to this forum. I purchased my Tundra last fall and it has been trouble-free until about a month ago. It currently has 217k miles and has started randomly stalling at idle. It tends to do it after it has fully warmed up and I come to a stop or a slow turn...
  2. 1Gen-Sequoia
    We have a 2002 SR5 that we love very much. We decided to put money into keeping it awesome instead of dropping oodles of money on a new car. So, we were very handy and replaced our O2 sensor yesterday (Bank 2, Sensor 1 - based off of T0155 code that Toyota read for us). All seemed really great...
  3. 1Gen-Tundra
    I'm in Wales. My Landcruiser Amazon with the 2UZ FE 4.7 is suffering a bad misfire. Worse, on cold days it will stall at the first junction and when you try to restart the engine spins over fast with not a hint of firing, then over a minute it will start to fire then catch and start. Restarting...
1-3 of 3 Results