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  1. Temperamental starting

    2001 Tundra Limited AC 4.7L 2 wheel drive. Engine cranks but doesn't start until about the 2nd or 3rd struggle. It only happens when the ambient temp in the truck is warm, i.e. sitting in the sun all day on a cold day or hot day (windows cracked open or not). In the shade or garage it starts...
  2. Intermitent starting problems

    I have been having intermittent starting problems. I live in San Diego so not really a cold weather problem. This is what happens when it happens. I put the key in, Press the clutch, Turn the key and there is nothing, All the lights come on, but there is nothing from the starter, no clicking...
  3. 03 Lexus ES300 intermittent no start. Turn key nothing.

    Please help with suggestions..... I have been having an intermittent starting problem. I get in the car put key in lights, gauges, radio all work good, turn the key and nothing. No clicking, no trying to turn over, just zero. Go back out to car several hours later, starts right up. Drive it...
  4. '09 Starting Issue

    For 4 1/2 years, my '09 Tundra started immediately upon turning the key. For the last two months, it suddenly is hesitating -- about four rotations or whatever it is that makes the "trying-to-start" sound) before it turns over. It always starts, but it makes me uncomfortable that it seems to...
  5. 2000 Tundra 3.4l 6cyl starting difficulty/idling high

    Just got a 2000 Tundra 3.4L 6Cyl. When I turn the key to start it has to roll over about 4 to 6 times before it will finally start. Then once it is started it idles kind of high. Not sure where to begin looking for the problem since I'm new to Tundras, let alone Toyota's. Any help will be...
  6. Does anyone else's 4.6L rev up to 2000 RPM every time you start it?

    I've got a 2011 4.6L Tundra. This is the first vehicle I've ever owned which revs up to about 2000 every time I start it. It then stays at a 1100-1300 RPM high idle for a couple minutes before reducing to a sub-1000 RPM idle. Is this normal for this engine? It does this 2000 RPM rev up when...
  7. Starting Issue

    I have a 2002 Tundra with a little more then 100,000 miles. The truck has been pretty trouble free, but I am now running into my first real issue. Occasionally, when I turn the key to start the truck a single click is heard from under the hood, but nothing else. The engine does not turn over...
  8. Battery 2005 Tundra

    Need New battery for my 2005 4x4 Tundra. Opinions/suggestions/comments