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  1. Startup engine whine/whistle help.

    I have an 05 XSP DC with about 80k miles on it. Yesterday evening I started up my truck to go home and thought I heard a noise from the engine that sounded like a kind of plasticy reed instrument. Almost like an electric horn with just enough power to start it vibrating but without the metallic...
  2. Does anyone else's 4.6L rev up to 2000 RPM every time you start it?

    I've got a 2011 4.6L Tundra. This is the first vehicle I've ever owned which revs up to about 2000 every time I start it. It then stays at a 1100-1300 RPM high idle for a couple minutes before reducing to a sub-1000 RPM idle. Is this normal for this engine? It does this 2000 RPM rev up when...
  3. Starting Issue

    I have a 2002 Tundra with a little more then 100,000 miles. The truck has been pretty trouble free, but I am now running into my first real issue. Occasionally, when I turn the key to start the truck a single click is heard from under the hood, but nothing else. The engine does not turn over...
  4. 1997 Avalon Startup

    Whenever I start my car up ,it always seems to take at least 4 seconds of continuous cranking for it to finally start up. Also, sometimes when I turn off the car and turn it back on, the car will make the cranking noise and won't start unless I give it some gas. Any suggestions will be much...