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  1. Tires and Wheels
    TPMS Sensors for 05' Sequoia (Running Steelies) Looking for TPMS Sensors for 05' Sequoia. Being quoted $60 per. from Americas Tires. Where can I get best price for 4 TPMS. I'll bring them myself to install instead. I'm going to run Pro Comp 17' Steel Thank You!!!
  2. Gen1 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2000-2006)
    Here's a shot in the dark... I'm looking for some 1st Gen OEM Black steel 16" wheels, I believe they are used on the spare tires... Look like this... STL69392 Toyota Sequoia, Tacoma, Tundra Wheel Steel Black If you have a spare tire on this rim, I'm willing to trade my OEM" SR5 silver steel...
1-2 of 2 Results