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  1. What strut is this?

    Hey there, picked up my 1st gen 3.4 Tundra in Mexico, pretty beat-up, working through replacing everything that should have been swapped out about a decade ago by the looks of it (worn bushings, tie rods, ball joints etc.). I replaced the rear shocks that were blown with some Bilsteins...
  2. 2017 Tundra Platinum shocks, struts, splashguard

    Gen2 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2007-current)
    Selling 2017 Tundra Platinum front struts with springs (complete) with rear shocks, and splash guard. I upgraded to the TRD Pro suspension after 500 miles. These are in perfect shape. I will post pics later tomorrow. $200 plus shipping for shock and strut combo and prefer local pickup for the...
  3. Shock Suggestions

    My Bilstein 5100's have disappointed me, my left front blew out and my right is leaking from a crack at the base, this happened out on the trail at Great Sand Dunes National Park in CO. Any suggestions for a relatively similarly priced shocks that are equally fit for mild 4wheeling and regular...
  4. New guy needs some help.

    Hello all- New to this forum stuff but from what I can see this is where I need to be. My question is quite simple. I have a 2003 SR5 TUNDRA with the 4.7 V8 with 98k miles. I'd like to replace the timing belt, H20 pump, and the shocks/struts. What are the most economical kits / parts to buy for...
  5. Front Coils

    Suspension, Axles, Brakes
    Does anyone know what the difference is between the front right and front left coils? Any issue if they were installed in reverse? 2001 Tundra 2wd, TRD.
  6. 2002 tundra strut/ front end upgrade help needed (pics)

    Hey guys, ive got a 2002 tundra v6 5 speed with a 3" spacer lift and 34's on 20's. The front end started to have a loud racking noise on turns which indicated the front end was going out. I took it to the shop and they quoted me an insane $3000 fix. I went ahead and looked at the stuff online to...
  7. Broken 5100

    I snapped my front left 5100 Bilstein strut last week. Driving in the desert at 30mph. Definitely wasn't doing anything which should have compromised my struts. Very disappointed in the 5100. Apparently made for pavement Queens.
  8. Questions about shocks !!

    Hey guys, im new here so bear with me if you can. I have a gen 1 tundra i think ( 2005 4 door SR5 ) and i have had a 3 inch level kit installed on my truck a little while ago and i love it. ive been reading a few things online about upgrading my shocks in the rear and possibly the front struts...
  9. Quick Strut - 2002 Tundra 2WD v8

    Hello, I noticed that Monroe began selling quick struts for my 2002 Tundra - has anyone had any experience with these? Also, their website does not specify 2wd or 4wd - seems kind of strange the strut assembly would be the same for both vehicles. Any thoughts? Thanks for your input, HC
  10. Older Touring Avalon needs new struts but which should I get?

    I have a 1997 Avalon XLS that has the Touring package and 175k miles on it. The struts are shot and when I called the local dealership for pricing, the parts to replace the OEM struts would be $783! I'd obviously like to do something a little more cost effective for such an older car but does...
  11. Sequoia Suspension

    I recently purchased a 2001 Sequoia for my wife and the suspension seems to bottom out easily and rides rough in the back. Since I don't know what it has been through, any suggestions on where to start to smoothen out the ride? Thanks!
  12. FIX or FORGET IT (poll)

    So do I fix it or just forget about it? I plan on selling my '99 Camry XLE 240,000 miles(I'm the 2nd owner), and it is an overall fair/average condition. Engine and tranny runs great, tires are VG but the premium rims look a bit less than in premium shape. It has newer brakes and roters, the...