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  1. TRD SC vs. STS turbo system?? 4.7L

    Forced Induction
    I know theres a lot of info out there about the 4.7 TRD superchargers, but they are impossible to find with a complete kit. I've been leaning towards the thought of the sts turbo, but I'm not 100% on them. Also, does anyone know of any other aftermarket superchargers for the 4.7 that aren't...
  2. TURBO - installed & boosting!!!!!

    Forced Induction
    i picked up the used sts turbo kit from the classifieds about a month ago:cool: the kit came with a new turbo and wastegate, master power s70 turbo .70 a/r cold .63 a/r hot and a tial 7psi gate. its a nice kit; everything was there and works great. i did the install myself at a friends shop. hes...