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  1. Steering Rack Part # confusion

    1Gen-Steering System & General Handling
    Hello All - I'm getting ready to replace my 05 double cab 4x4 steering rack with a Toyota OEM rack. My problem is that there are two different part numbers for the is 442500C030 and 442500C041. The part# ending in "30" is for a Tundra without rear stabilizer and the part # ending...
  2. Loose Sway Bar?

    Hey all! New here, with an '04 (Tundra) Double Cab, 4x4, AT - SR5 (pretty sure they all were, but whatever). Bought the vehicle from a stealership because I kinda needed 4x4, and it runs and drives great on a smooth road, but once I get into any bumpy or soft terrain, I notice a clunking...
  3. Hellwig Rear Sway Bay model 7700 $215 delivered!!

    Ok so recently have been a post or 2 about rear sway bar and what to get, and the price you can spend on this. Well I came across this and know it is a good deal and wanted to let everyone know about it. I have never ordered from this site before so I don't know how the transactions go...
  4. Hellwig Sway Bar Feedback and Opinions.

    I have heard of plenty of people running the Hellwig Sway bar on their 1st Gen. Tundras. I just wanted some feedback to see if the investment is worth it? Where is the best place to buy one, professional install, or did you throw it on yourself ect . . . JC Whitney has it for $292.99 + $12.99...
  5. Suspension Modification to accomodate Slide in Camper

    Suspension Modification to Accomodate Slide in Camper Hi, I'm new to the forum. I currently own a 2008 Tundra Limited with the TRD package. I've searched the forum for answers on this but have been unable to get a crisp answer to my question so I'm starting a new thread. I'm going to be...