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  1. Tail Lights - Socket and Wire tail replacement 2000 - 4.7

    Lighting & General Electrical
    This part was a recall but not covered for my vehicle. So, I bought two 81555-0C010s "Socket & Wire RR Combin", Replaced the left side wire, put it all back together and no turn signal but double time in the front. Good bulb, good fuse. At a loss. Any insight would be greatly...
  2. Tailight difference b/w 09 and 10 Tundras?

    I've been doing some research on LED tail lights for my 10 Tundra. I've come across some websites that say their tail lights only fit 07-09 Tundras. Also, I heard of a guy who ordered tail light covers for his 2010 Tundra, but they didn't fit. He later found out that they fit 07-09. Does...