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  1. Seeking 2004 Tundra Ltd D/C - White Tailgate

    Gen1 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2000-2006)
    Located in the Eastern Sierra, California...would be willing to check out North (Reno) or South (LA)
  2. VIDEO - 2004 TOYOTA TUNDRA - Tailgate Handle Replacement 2000-2006 1ST GEN

    Body (Interior & Exterior)
    Like many of us 1st gen Tundra owners, I have had problems with my tailgate handle breaking and not being able to open the tailgate. A while back I made a YouTube video of how to take off the tailgate panel and replace the latch. It's really a pretty easy job, but I thought it might be helpful...
  3. Is there a METAL tailgate handle for 07 Tundra?

    Interior & Exterior
    I managed to break my tailgate handle. After looking at it I see it is all plastic and don't really want to go back down that road again. I have seem mention of metal handles for Sequoias but don't know if they are the same or where to find them. So I am in search of a metal handle for me 07...
  4. '04 Sequoia Liftgate Squeak

    Liftgate on my '04 Sequoia has been squeaking for a while. I'm posting the fix for anyone else who runs into this. First thing I tried was replacing the rear hatch bumpers which were a little worn, part numbers 67294-45010 (left) and 67293-45010 (right). The squeak seemed to be reduced but...
  5. FS - Tundra Tailgate - $100

    Gen2 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2007-current)
    As you can see below, brand new tailgate is primered. It was shipped to me in this condition a few dings. Paid $375. Will let go for $100. Buyer pays shipping. PM.
  6. Tailgate Question

    I recently had my tailgate stolen on my 2000 SR5 4 dr Tundra v8 4,7. My question is I found a tailgate from a 2001 SR5 4 dr Tundra., will if fit on my 2000 tundra without any problems??
  7. '05 Tailgate innards accessible... what to clean / lube / replace?

    Installing backup cam. (Seems defective). ANYWAY... inner trim panels off. Looks like window track pretty crusty. Window gear seems slightly greased but grease looks to be breaking down. Know latch is prone to failure. Wondering what I can do at nominal cost which makes sense with current...
  8. Spare Tire Removal Methods

    Tire, Wheel, and Alignment
    I want to buy a led tailgate strip to go below the tailgate and act as a turn/brake light. The only problem is that the hole to insert the rod to let down the spare tire will be covered up. Are there any alternative ways to get the spare tire down if need be? Or possible solutions to the problem?
  9. Son damaged tailgate --repairable or get new one?

    My son backed his truck into a tree not noticing the tailgate had unlatched--(he's 2 hrs away at college). (I know, I know...) So, anyway, what's the least expensive option? Repair the existing or get a replacement put on?? He and a friend took the tailgate off and he has it in his apartment...
  10. 2013 Tailgate removal with Camera

    Back in October I was in an accident and my 2010 Crewmax was totaled. After a cracked sternum and two broken ribs I replaced my 2010 with a 2013 Crewmax 4WD. Went out today to get some mulch and when I got home I was thinking how or where do I unplug the camera because I usually take the...
  11. Sled, tailgate and backup camera

    After an unhappy 3 year hiatus away from Toyota I recently came back. Black 2012 DC and couldn't be more happy. The information on the site is unbelievable and the list of upcoming mods is stacking up. I want to put my 153 XP sled in the back as trailering is no fun although I do have one. In...
  12. NEW OWNER here..... please help!!

    hey, new 2012 CM owner here, love the truck!! 1st Toyota, and am in love. Except 1 thing..... when I roll my rear window down, I can hear the tailgate make tons of noise. Had the dealer tech ride back there while i drove on a rough road, and yep, he agrees it's coming from tailgate. I read...
  13. Tailgate will not open....please help

    Interior & Exterior
    I recently purchased a 2005 Tundra Limited with Access Cab. The previous owner somehow messed up the tailgate mechanism pretty good. It will not open at all. I tried removing the inside cover and found that the rods were not even there that attach the handle to the side mechanisms. So then I...
  14. Tailgate handle --- no tension; won't open

    Hi I'm new here. I have a 2004 Sequoia that I am getting ready to push off a cliff. I have recently replaced a skid sensor and speed sensors in the ABS, and also the master cylinder. That wasn't cheap. The latest trouble is that the rear tailgate handle has absolutely no tension. When you pull...
  15. HELP need a new tailgate

    I was haulin my wifes scion back home one night and the hitch i had on my truck snaped in half and drove the trailer straight threw my tailgate luckly no one was hurt but the tundra and trailer so if anyone has a hook up for a 03 white tundra tailgate i would appreciate
  16. Bar to hold taligate in open position

    Does anyone know if their is a maker/supplier of a bar type device to lock the tailgate in the open position? Somewhere between 30-45 degrees would be great. I can't seem to find anything searching here or google. I know I have seen them, but perhaps they are custom one off designs. Thanks PJ
  17. Tailgate won't close

    Hi, and thanks for reading and/or commenting. We have a 2005 Tundra Crew Cab, and like it. But the tailgate does not want to close once opened. When we try to close it, metal against metal banging stops it from doing so. It is just not the way it was intended to work, and usually takes a large...
  18. Has anyone fit a yamaha Rhino or equal utv in the new tundra?

    i am getting ready to buy a rhino for working on my land and having fun. wondering if anyone has been hauling one around in the new tundra. wondering if i have to buy a trailer for hauling it back and forth from home to the land as we haven't built storage there and probably won't start building...
  19. Tundra Tailgate Failures!!! I am in the Club.

    Some of you on here may see me as a Toyota Zealist but even with my loyalty towards Toyota I'll throw a BS flag at them as fast as anyone else, so here it is. Well its pretty obvious that the tailgates on these new tundras have some issues. There have been multiple threads of folks loading 4...