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  1. Tire, Wheel, and Alignment
    Hi Guys - New member & 1st post. I realize there are several related posts on this topic already. However, I am a bit confused by them. 2004 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4x4 Wheels - 17x7.75 (stock) Tires - 265/R6517 E15 (stock) Seeking a tire with more meat (e.g., BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2)...
  2. 1Gen-Member Mods, Build Threads, Write-ups
    Finally building my 03 Tundra!! Help and Suggestions Appreciated Hello everyone!!! Been crawling around here for 4 years now and finally posting and getting some upgrades done to the Tundra. Inherited this one from my dad who passed away 10 years ago so it is much loved by the wife, the 3...
  3. Tire, Wheel, and Alignment
    I am about to be purchasing a 3 inch lift for the front and 1.5 for the back. with that being said.. what is the maximum tire size I can get out of this?? if anyone has pictures with the same lift that'd be appreciated too
  4. Tires and Wheels
    Howdy folks, This is my first post (been following the forum for a year or so). I'm running a 2006 Limited Double-Cab 4x4 so I wanted to get some input from others on their tire experiences running the same or similar 1st Gen Tundra. Mine has a 2.5 leveling kit and 285 tires, but I want to take...
  5. 4Runner
    Hello, I have been on this site for a while mainly for my Gen1 Tundra, but bought my wife a 2010 4Runner and looking for some information. Before anyone gets snappy, I have tried searching several ways to narrow down or get anything that matches tire size options for 2010 4Runner limited with...
  6. Tires and Wheels
    I'm putting a 3" skyjacker lift on my 2004 Tundra extended cab Limited. A friend told me 33's, is that equivilant to 315/65? Anyone have this kind of set up? Thanks
  7. 2Gen-Tundra
    I did search the thread.....didn't really feel I found the answer. So here we go with a new thread. I've put Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs on my 2010 DC that are 285/60/R20. It came with 275/55/R20 on the truck OEM. My overall tire diameter is now 1.6" larger and the install place said they...
  8. 2Gen-Tundra
    I have an '07 Crew Max. I'm looking to raise the front about 3" with a Toy Tec kit. In addition I want to increase my tire size but I'm not sure what the new height will allow in overall diameter. Anyone go through this? Rims are 20". Any suggestions on tires? (I know it's a loaded...
  9. 1Gen-Sequoia
    What is the largest tire size that one can successfully put under this vehicle without rubbing or cutting?
  10. Tacoma
    I have a 05' tacoma and I am getting ready to put new tires on. I want to go to the largest tire possible with no modifications. The store that I am working with recommends a 265/70R16. I have read that a 265/75R16 will fit with no clearance issues. the salesman says that the larger tire will...
  11. 1Gen-Tundra
    I just purchased an 04 Access cab SR5 Tundra Base Model... you know, the one with the god awful rims. what are my tire size options, looking around a tire sites have almost gotten me confused... what other tire sizes besides 365/70-16 can I use for my stock rims.
  12. 1Gen-Tundra
    For those who need a quick diagram and explanation of the codes and numbers on a tire sidewall, created an excellent page. Go here: Tire Sidewall & Tire Size Calculator - Tire Sizing Made Easy by 4 Wheel Parts – Your Source for Tire Sizing The page also has a Tire Height...
1-12 of 13 Results