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  1. New Tundra - Help with wheels

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 2017 Tundra 4x4 with stock steel wheels no lift. I want to replace with XD rockstar 3. Tires on it are 255-70-18 with what I am told is a +60 offset. Can I go with a 285-70-18 Rockstar wheel with a 0 offset? I think the math works this way but want to make sure I have it right: +60...
  2. 255/75/17 Pics

    Tire, Wheel, and Alignment
    Anybody have any pics of their tundras with 255/75/17's? I'm trying to decide between a few sizes, but I can't seem to find any decent pics of this particular size tire. Looking at a 2" coil spacer level in front to fit them.
  3. Wheels off a 96 T-100 on tundra

    Tire, Wheel, and Alignment
    My dad just traded in for a 96 T-100 ( ONLY HAS 60,000 MILES!! ) and he it has a knobby type of AT tire on it in a 31/10.5 with a 16 inch rim if I remember. He doesn't like the tires and wants to trade with me because my tires are stock and less agressive style. Would the lugs match up? They...
  4. 265/75/16 tire with wheel spacers

    Tire, Wheel, and Alignment
    I'm new so don't hate if this is already covered I just wanted to post for the sake of learning. Id like to to lift my 2000 TRD Tundra with blistens maxed out and I know many people go 285/75/16 to fill in the space, height and width wise. I don't know if I should go 285/75/16 because I know...
  5. 2008 Tundra Spare Tire Help

    Hey guys, Im brand new here, and this is my first post. I'm a Honda Tech, and have been for 8 years now. I have a 2008 tundra, and ran into an issue this last tuesday. Im on the east coast, and we had a snow storm blow through. I ran over a piece of angle iron on I 95, and blew out a tire...
  6. 5.7 Tundra dually wheel "rear double tire"

    Hi all, its my 1st time in my life to see a Tundra with twin rear tire.:eek: whoever did that must but GM fan hygiene :D and this is for sale ($20,108):confused: its kinda cool if fact i can enjoy watching it :cool:. i wish Toyota do this for Tundra 2014.:amen: link: Dubizzle Sharjah |...
  7. vibration after tire rotation?

    Hey guys Took my truck to the daler yesterday, its actually not a toyota dealer its like a grage that make service for any car because toyota here dont support the tundra. anyway, it was my third checking on 12K, they told me that they will apply tire rotation and clean the braks and oil...
  8. 02 Sequoia Tire Size and Lift Kit Questions

    I am looking at installing a lift kit soon, and i was wondering if the Daystar KT09110BK Comfort Ride 2.5" Strut and Coil Spring Spacer Kit would be a good way to go? How big of tires will I be able to put on the vehicle with the lift kit? Is there a better lift kit out there for around the...
  9. Enkei deep six tire size/brand to buy.

    What's going on guys? Been a while since I have put a post.. So a while back a was able to purchase a set of Enkei deep six wheels from a fellow member who, sadly, sold them to me because his tundra burnt to the ground with a different set of wheels on. So since he no longer had a truck for...
  10. Cooper Discoverer AT 3 vs General Grabber AT 2

    Its about time to be putting new tires on my 06 DC 4x4. I live in Pennsylvania and I need a good tire that will work all year around and looks a slightly aggressive. I have narrowed it down to two (but open to others as well): 265/70/R17 General Grabber AT2 installed for $768 OR Cooper...
  11. New Tires & Warranty

    Finally got my new tires on... The OEM Bridgestone Duellers had to go. With only 35500 miles on them, they were almost thread bare. Walked into the local Discount Tire today and discussed tires with them and got nearly $400 towards a new set of Michelin LTX M/S 2's light truck tires. The...
  12. Tire Size Selection - Help Needed ASAP

    Hey Guys - I'm looking to upgrade my current tires (running an 08 DC SL5 w/ the Steel Rims and Bridgestone Duler 255/70/18s) - Truck only has 15k but I just got a set of the TRD alloy rims and can't wait to replace the Steels. I've read just about every post and it seems that for most of you...
  13. Best Offroad Tires

    Tires and Wheels
    Hi everyone. I am looking for new tires for my truck, and wanted your guys oppinions. I want a tire that is big and tough looking at somewhat of a reasonable price. I will be getting a 6" lift kit so im looking at either a 35" or 37" tire. Tell me your oppinions on tires and size. Thanks. :)
  14. lift kit and tires for an '00 trd off road tundra

    Hi, im new by the way, i have a 2000 sr5 trd off road tundra and i was wondering what lift kits are good for the truck for a reasonable looking for only about a 3" lift, nothing big. Also i wanted to know what the biggest tire size that i can put on is. I want to get the biggest tires...
  15. What BFG All-Terrain Fits My Tundra?

    I want to fit my 2006 Tundra, 4WD with a set of BFG all-terrains. I am open for a larger tire but I do not want to compromise the ride/comfort. My current tire size is P265/65R17. Any ideas?
  16. Tire size and ABS issue with 05' tacoma

    I have a 05' tacoma and I am getting ready to put new tires on. I want to go to the largest tire possible with no modifications. The store that I am working with recommends a 265/70R16. I have read that a 265/75R16 will fit with no clearance issues. the salesman says that the larger tire will...
  17. F1 Races

    Tires and Wheels
    Hey Guys, With the F1 races coming to Singapore soon, I am really interested to know what makes these vehicles run so fast. Don't the tires burn out easily. What type of components make up the tires.