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  1. Anyone tried putting a swingcase on a 1st Gen Tundra?

    I'd really like to get a SwingCase pork chop style toolbox. It looks perfect for storing tie downs, tools, tow straps etc. It sits right over the fender so you don't lose any bed length which is important to me as I need to fit my motorcycles in the bed. Anyway, has anyone tried installing one...
  2. Finding as DC crossover tool box

    Found a DC crossover tool box Last year I was here hunting for a crossover tool box. I wanted low profile, 12 inches instead of 20 inches, and the proper width for a DC Tundra. No such beast existed. Then I stumbled onto a company that makes custom and semicustom truck boxes. In their...
  3. Side Bed Tool Box for 08 Crewmax

    Hey guys, I am looking for some suggestions on a good side bed tool box. So far I haven't found anything made just for the crewmax bed. Read on for more detail if you have some coffee close by. Looking for a place to install a second battery (Odyssey PC2150) and an inverter in my truck (1000...
  4. Low profile tool box for 07 short bed

    Just purchased a 2007 V6 Tundra regular cab short bed truck. I am a horseback rider and I need a tool box in back to store items that will not fit behind the seats or that need to be out of view for security. I am 5' 4", so I need a low profile toolbox so I can keep as much visibility as...