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  1. Gen2 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2007-current)
    So I just swapped out the transmission in my Tundra for another. I have a 2008 Tundra 5.7L w the tow package. Now I also have a tranny w/ roughly 215,000 miles on it and hate to just scrap it, but I have no room for it. The trouble codes that lead me to just change it out are: P0752: Shift...
  2. Towing
    Pretty sure vehicle has factory towing package, as the hitch and plug look like others I saw which did. Can't find the connector under the dash/kick plate to plug into. On 2008 YT video it is hidden, but NOT the same as my setup. Don't want to rummage around much without know where I should...
  3. 1Gen-Tundra
    Besides the TRD stickers on the bed of my truck how do I know if its an actual TRD? It's an 05 tundra limited stepside. Second, how can I find out if my truck comes with a tow package? Thanks
  4. 2Gen-Tundra
    evening gents, My dad has a 2007 4x4 tundra 5.7 limited 6 speed with tow package. He is going to be making a long trip coming up shortly towing a 7x12 trailer with 2 motorcycles in it. So total weight around 4000-4500 (just guessing). i have never had to tow that far before so not sure if i...
  5. Highlander
    I have a 2009 HL sport that I am pretty sure doesn't have the pre tow package, is there a place that I can buy the components to add to it so that I can get it up to the 5000 pound towing capacity?
1-5 of 5 Results