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  1. Want to Sell or Trade Tow Mirrors for Stock Mirrors 2014

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    I bought a used 2014 Sequoia with OEM Tundra Tow Mirrors. Don't need them for what I tow and want sell or trade with someone who needs them. Let's talk Located in SoCal.
  2. Tundra Newbie

    Looking at replacing a 2004 Duramax 3/4HD, cost of ownership has been crazy even with better LLY engine/injectors. I tow a 5000lbs toy hauler trailer with 1500lbs of gear. With Duramax I really don't have any tow issues, just reliability sucks. I know this is supposed to be the best truck but it...
  3. Airbag question for those who have them

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    Hi everyone! Around November/December I'm installing the BDS 4.5" lift with the Fox 2.0's all the way around. I'm having Rockridge 4wd do the install since they are the closest reliable install shop. They quoted me to have airbags installed would be an aditional $350.00, which I tow a 26' TT...
  4. Built In Trailer Break

    Does anyone know if the 1st Gen Tundras have ever been offered with a built in trailer brake? I just got a new tandem trailer with electronic brakes and I not sure if the truck has a built in system or not? Its a 2005 DC with the tow package and its shows a brake line where I plug the trailer...
  5. Some transmission Q's

    Hey tundra owners :D I got some questions about the trans. 1.Dose towing on high speed(80MPH) affect the transmission? 2.Dose the engin brake harm the transmission? 3.Changing gears rapidly in S mode, can it damage the transmission? sorry for my :alien: question but im worrying a lot about the...
  6. 2008 Crew Max 5.7 - Towing Travel Trailer with ATV in Bed

    I would like to tow my (4800 lbs dry) travel trailer with an ATV (520 lbs) in the bed. I'm not concerned about exceeding the 16000 lbs GCVWR, but I am concerned about going over the maximum payload. I still don't even know for sure what that is. I see according to most sites, its 1495, but...
  7. Oem tundra tow hitch

    shoot me reasonable offers guys! No dents cracks never even been used, took off about 7months ago and itll be better hauling for your truck than collecting dust in my garage.
  8. Selling my OEM Tundra tow hitch

    Coming off my 09 Tundra No scuffs, cracks or dents. Just normal wear to it Never put to use so i decided to sell it for some one who might need it more than me Feel free to email me at [email protected] for any offers retails for over 1200 ebay 750+ im offering it for the very low price...
  9. Selling my OEM Tundra tow hitch

    Tow hitch is in very good if not perfect condition. Its cooming off a 09 tundra will fit 07 08 09 2010 tundra all models no dent cracks deep scuffs normal wear. 400 or best offer inbox me if interested or tx me at 714 2042902 located in orange county can meet else where.
  10. 2003 Tundra SR5 - What is Best Towing Mirror To Use?

    I just bought an RV, and now have decided, for safety reasons, I need extension mirrors. I am trying to decide what is the best type to buy since this model has a little age like me. It seems to me from reading what others have to say, the Tow -N - See, should be the best for the type of mirrors...
  11. 2007 Tundra with 4.10 gears and Towing package?

    Hi - I'm looking at purchasing a Tundra to tow a boat and trailer of about 7000 lbs. The truck I'm looking at, the owner says it has 4.10 gears and the tow/haul option. I thought the tow package added the 4.30 gears. How do I tell if it has the towing package that will tow the listed...
  12. 2011 Towing Package

    Hi I have a 2011 Rock Warrior and I was just wondering how to tell if it came through with the towing package? It has the tow/haul button on the dash. Thanks
  13. 2006 Highlander Trailer Hitch Again

    So I've read lots of questions with people with 2006 Highlanders with Tow Packages. I have a 2006 Highlander Hybrid. It does *Not* have a tow package. (I still have the original window sticker) So what do I need? I've gone under the truck, no nice little wire under the bumper (Hey, just...
  14. anyone ever tow their sequoia with an rv?

    :beavbutt:do you have to drop the driveshaft, or does the tranny pump fluid when moving in neutral? dont tell me to buy a saturn either!! lol!! thats what old people tow.
  15. What do you tow/haul? Post em'

    2002 Chaparral 240 Signature sitting on a Tandem axle trailer with independent suspension.
  16. 04 DC Tundra just bought need advice on what trailer to buy

    Just bought an 04 double cab Tundra with the towing package. Want to get travel trailer to match. Torn between what I know I can tow no problem, Hitch weight: 402lbs Dry weight: 4541 lbs. And the nicer trailer that I am questionable about, Hitch weight: 752lbs Dry Weight: 5296. Combined weight...
  17. Tow question???

    I'm looking at buyer a 2,000 lb boat... probably a rolling weight of 3,000 lbs with trailer and all... I have a 2007 Toyota Tacoma, V6. I understand the vehicle has a tow rating of 3,500 lb. My question is, does this tow rating include the bumper? Can I just hitch the boat to my factory...
  18. help - what's on this circuit?

    What's on the Tow circuit on an 05 SR5 V8 AC w/o tow package? My battery is dead after leaving the truck sit for 3 days . Traced the problem to a 1/2 amp draw on the circuit labeled TOW on the fuse panel under the hood. It's a 20 amp fuse. Any ideas on what could be causing the draw (other than...