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  1. 6 ways 2019 Tundra compared to Tacoma

    This is a very interesting read comparing the 2019 Toyota Tundra to 2019 Toyota Tacoma. I highly recommend reading it, written by one of the top authorities in Toyota reporting Toyotajeff of Youtube, who reports also for Torque News. For example
  2. I'm searching for TRD Fender Flares.

    General Classifieds and Miscellaneous Items For Sa
    I'm looking for the TRD fender flares, specifically the front driver's side for a 2001 Tundra. It appears someone pulled it off my truck so I'm currently driving around with only 3. I don't want aftermarket since I prefer the TRD ones. So, if anyone is getting rid of some and willing to sell...
  3. Toyota says I need a new transmission but I can shift manually just fine...

    Engine & Drivetrain
    I had a bunch of errors fly up on me on the way into work one day and my gears were not shifting correctly. I talked to a guy who owns a highly respected transmission shop and he said that he only has to replace the transmission in 1 out of 10 Toyotal Tundra's that come in to him. Usually, it...
  4. Toyota Tundra Limited and Tundra Platinum trucks at Handy Toyota of St. Albans, VT

    Welcome back to Handy Toyota of St. Albans, VT's Tundra Solutions forum, one of the Internet's top spots for all things Toyota and Tundra. Today, we would like to talk to you a bit about one of our favorite topics: special edition and customized Tundra trucks. Those of you who know us -...
  5. NEED HELP! 18" KMC Rockstars on a Toyota Tundra.

    Tires and Wheels
    I want to put KMC Rockstar XD 7753 (matte black finish) rims on my 08 Toyota Tundra Sr5 but I need to find out what lug nut kit I will need. I went to my local Kal Tire and they told me that the 5-Lug Spline Tuner Instal Kit 14x1.50 was the right kit. When they tried to fit the rim on my truck...
  6. Shift Lever Collapsed

    Hello, My father in law's 2000 tundra shift lever has been loose lately. Last night I put the car in reverse and than back into drive, the shift lever all of sudden just collapsed/or snapped and the transmission went all the way to "L". The car won't go into gear anymore. I found out that...
  7. Need Help Identifying a part! on 2001 toyota tundra

    Need help Identifying a part on my 2001 4wd v8 limited toyota tundra They are leading towards the abs sensors and MY ABS LIGHT IS on! Im not sure if these little parts have anything...