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tpms sensors

  1. TPMS light error Tire Pressure Monitor system

    Tires and Wheels
    Hi everyone: I have a 08 access cab 5.7 v8, my TPMS light has went on for more than 2 years, I KNOW there's one of the TPMS sensor is defective, my question is, is there any way you can see with bare eyes to tell which sensor is defective if I remove the tires from wheel? all four tires need to...
  2. Styled steel TPMS friendly alloys?

    Tires and Wheels
    Had an idea or possibly a brain fart but does anyone know of any third party alloys that can use the styled steel 40 degree TPMS sensors? Has anyone tried to use the 40 degrees with the TRD alloys? I know Toyota says they take 20 degree ones but why would 40 degree ones not work? Thanks again...
  3. Possibly dumb TPMS question

    Hello all, Does anyone know if the 2011 Tundras have a TPMS sensor in the spare and does the TPMS system check the spare when it is not on an axle? I have a Tundra with new TPMS sensors on 18" TRD rims. The tires that came with the rims are 265/70 versus 255/70 but the spare is still a 255...
  4. TPMS issues with Rock Warriors and an 07 DC?

    So I got a new set of Rock Warriors and they came with the stock TPMS sensors. Issue is that I cannot seem to get my 07 to see the sensors. I did the reset procedure but a day later the light was on again. So I went to the dealer and they told me they will have to dismount the tires and record...