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  1. TPMS Sensors for 05' Sequoia (Runing Steelies)

    Tires and Wheels
    TPMS Sensors for 05' Sequoia (Running Steelies) Looking for TPMS Sensors for 05' Sequoia. Being quoted $60 per. from Americas Tires. Where can I get best price for 4 TPMS. I'll bring them myself to install instead. I'm going to run Pro Comp 17' Steel Thank You!!!
  2. TPMS battery replacement 2005 Tundra

    Tire, Wheel, and Alignment
    Fairly recently my TPMS light started flashing even with all 5 tires at correct pressure. Since the batteries had at least 11 years on them, I figured that was most likely the issue. When searching for information on replacing the batteries, I didn't find anything, so now I am posting a...
  3. Newbie with 2005 Sequoia 4WD int. in Rust Recall, Timing Belt, Tires & TPMS!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi! Just picked up a "new to me" 2005 Sequoia SR5 4WD, leather with 104,500ish miles. Wondering about status of rust recall on 2005's (not sure)... Also, timing belt / water pump / related parts have NOT been done. Not sure how critical this one is. Need new tires soon... looking for...
  4. TPMS light error Tire Pressure Monitor system

    Tires and Wheels
    Hi everyone: I have a 08 access cab 5.7 v8, my TPMS light has went on for more than 2 years, I KNOW there's one of the TPMS sensor is defective, my question is, is there any way you can see with bare eyes to tell which sensor is defective if I remove the tires from wheel? all four tires need to...
  5. TPMS confused ?

    Hi folks, I know there are many solutions for TPMS but im having some problems and im confused. yesterday the TPMS light came on, I went to fill it up but I guess I brok the valve. anyway, I went to toyota today to get a new sensor, the guy there said they dont have it. So I went to the main...
  6. FS 2005/2006 Tundra / Sequioa TPMS sensors (4)

    A set of four TPMS sensors, in mint condition, for a 2005/2006 Tundra or Sequoia. Came from factory 17" alloy wheels. I got these wheels from a buddy who lifted his Tundra, and put them on my 2000. My truck doesn't have the TPMS functionality so I looking to sell. PM best offer. Sorry in...
  7. Moto Metal 951 & TPMS

    I have a 2007 Tundra Crew Max. Does anyone know if the stock TPMS from my stock 20 inch alloy wheels will work with the 20x9 Moto Metal 951 Chrome wheels?
  8. Tundra TPMS compatibilty, reprogram, info

    After reading through many of the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) related threads here and elsewhere recently, I thought I would post a consolidated list of general TPMS info. I just went through a TPMS change on my own Tundra and had to figure all this stuff out. Sorry for the long...
  9. TPMS Concerns

    I am getting ready to purchase some 20" Incubus Rims (finally) for my 2010 Tundra SR5. It currently has the 18" steel wheels on it (and they look horrible). Here is my question: Do I have that TPMS on my truck? If so, what problems does this create when I change to the Incubus 20s. If there...