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traction control

  1. Help with Lifted Sequoia Alignment Issues

    I recently got a 2001 Sequoia 4WD SR5. I put the Billstein shocks (5th notch) and ARB coils on it described in this thread. 181593-suspension-tires-lift-update-2005-sequoia/ I also put 285/75/16 BFG All Terrain KO2 tires and MB 352 16 X8.5 6-139.70 rims. I had a slightly difficult time...
  2. did traction control on/off issue get changed?

    Hello, I have been researching purchasing a 1st gen sequoia 4wd. I have read that the traction control will not let you spin the wheels which is desirable in certain mud/snow situations. Can anyone comment on: -is it true that you can disconnect an electrical connection on the side of the...
  3. Flashing traction light on 07 FJ Cruiser

    FJ Cruiser
    I've been driving my FJ for over 2 years with no problems however recently the light that comes on when you loose traction has been flashing as I'm driving down the road with excellent traction. The light comes blinks off and on aproximatley every three for four seconds. I've tried unhooking the...
  4. Highlander -Bypass Traction Control System?

    Hello... I have a '06 Highlander Hybrid AWD. When in any amount of snow or ice that causes my wheels to spin the traction control system (TCS) does its job by preventing any wheel spin in forward or reverse - resulting in me getting stuck :mad:. The same thing happens in my Honda Accord but they...
  5. VSC override

    Has anybody been able to override their VSC on a 05 double cab limited. I can do it by engaging 4WD, or by switching on the auto locking rear diff, but I am looking to be able to install a switch in the dash to be able to overide it any time I please. I talked to my dealership about this and...
  6. ABS Light On, VSC Flashing, TC Light on, Brake Lights on. SNOW SNOW SNOW. Read on.

    Ok, here is the situation.. I was in very VERY deep snow Yesterday. I do have a plow and I did plow a lot yesterday.. BUT I also just DROVE through very deep snow for many miles (5-6 Miles).. 18-22" deep EASILY. Anyways.... I drove about 10 miles on decent road (not much snow)... and my ABS...
  7. is it possible to turn off trac?

    Suspension, Axles, Brakes
    i have a 04 DC wit the trac control and VSC. is there any way to turn off the trac? the manual says the fuse for trac is the same fuse for VSC and ABS... any way to just turn off traction control?