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  1. OEM-compatible wiring for 7-way trailer plug?

    I have these OEM wiring harnesses underneath my Tundra. I've already connected the larger one to a CURT 55378 4-pole wiring kit, which works great. Now need a 7-way. Can anyone recognize the 5-pin here? What part would it connect to? Is there any chance this plus the other one combine to...
  2. left turn signal to trailer plug is dead

    2Gen-Audio & Electronics
    i have a 2008 tundra crewmax with factory tow package all the lights and signals and break lights work fine, however i am not getting any power to the left turn signal for the trailer plugs at the hitch. Note: trialer lights all work fine on another truck, when connected to the tundra in...
  3. Weight Distribution Hitch Experience with Surge Brakes

    Hello all, What is your experience? What kind of Weight Distribution Hitch should I get for my setup? I have an aluminum I-beam trailer with Steel Tongue (MagicTilt TALS2460). I have a really long tongue on my trailer and every system I have seen online has short tongues with WDH connected...
  4. Built In Trailer Break

    Does anyone know if the 1st Gen Tundras have ever been offered with a built in trailer brake? I just got a new tandem trailer with electronic brakes and I not sure if the truck has a built in system or not? Its a 2005 DC with the tow package and its shows a brake line where I plug the trailer...
  5. Need constant power inside trailer

    Hello all, First post for me - did a search throughout the forums and couldn't find an answer, so hoping someone can help. I have a 2010 Sequoia Platinum, and just bought an enclosed snowmobile trailer (that uses 7-pin connector of course). The electrical in the trailer works fine, but I find...
  6. Alternator upgrade for 2010 Tundra

    Hello, I've been a long-time silent observer of TundraSolutions..but this is my first post, so thanks in advance for your help! - Has anyone upgraded their alternator in their Tundra, or even have dual alternators? - Has this improved the voltage output for those of you that need it? I...
  7. Trailer Brake Controller Installation 2012 Tundra

    If you're looking for a place to install your trailer brake controller without putting it in one of the boxes in the dash, I fabricated a bracket and installed it on the right side above the accelerator pedal. Stainless steel bracket and very clean.
  8. 2003 Sequoia Towing Travel Trailer help

    I am in the market for a travel trailer to pull behind my 2003 Sequoia 4x4 Limited . I would love to be able to pull a 29" ft travel trailer with a dry weight of 5920 and a hitch weight of 780 . We plan on driving it in Fl and Smoky mtns in Tenessee. We will not be drivinig it in Colorado or...
  9. Gas mileage while towing

    Fuel Economy
    Assuming a newer CrewCab, what kind of gas mileage can one expect while towing a trailer? An estimate based on various weights would be fine. :ts:
  10. What do you tow/haul? Post em'

    2002 Chaparral 240 Signature sitting on a Tandem axle trailer with independent suspension.
  11. 04 DC Tundra just bought need advice on what trailer to buy

    Just bought an 04 double cab Tundra with the towing package. Want to get travel trailer to match. Torn between what I know I can tow no problem, Hitch weight: 402lbs Dry weight: 4541 lbs. And the nicer trailer that I am questionable about, Hitch weight: 752lbs Dry Weight: 5296. Combined weight...