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  1. 4wd hi and low lights flashing at start up and then shuting off.....

    I started my truck up the other day and the hi and lo lights were flashing on the dash and the buttons were flashing too. I thought maybe I bumped the buttons, so I let it go. later I tried to put it in 4wd and nothing happened so I got on here and looked around, no good answer other than the...
  2. transmission, quick answer!

    what is the transmission number for an 2008 5.7, and 4.7 engine? what is E and f mean in A750? first correct answer get points!
  3. Transmission Fluid Change 05 4runner

    I have a 05 4runner v6 and I do not see any reference in the maintenance schedule about when to change the transmission fluid. When should this be changed?
  4. Transmission Flush Myths- Busted!

    Transmission Flush Myths- Busted! Anyone who is even remotely involved with cars has heard this type of story- someone that they know got a transmission flush and their transmission failed within weeks or even days. The urban legend behind this is that the “sludge” is all that was holding the...