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  1. Supercharged #2 cylnder misfire 2X

    Engine & Drivetrain
    At 44,000 miles I had a misfire on #2....the tip if the #2 iridium plug was missing and I found that the dealer installed (at new before delivery) plugs with the Supercharger kit had gaps all over the place from .025 to .045. I replaced all the plugs. Now at 53,000 miles the same thing...
  2. Supercharged 2002 V-8 Help needed!

    Forced Induction
    I finally broke down and had my Toyota flat bedded to the Toyota dealership. Yesterday I heard it run for the first time in a long while. Unfortunately even with the new TRD ECU manual we are not certain which of the two identical white plugs from the Supercharger 'pigtail' ECU go into which...
  3. TRD SuperCharger 4.7L for sale - refurbished with new MP90

    Gen1 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2000-2006)
    I bought this unit in early 2016 for my 2000 Land Cruiser, refurbished graciously and thoroughly by another forum member, jamesjr4750. Since then it has been sitting in it's packaging, waiting to be installed. But after much deliberation, I decided not to go through with the install. Also...
  4. Supercharger for 2002 Tundra 4.7L V-8

    Gen1 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2000-2006)
    74,872 miles. Good condition. Complete except for the failed ECU. Includes manuals. $2,150 firm includes shipping in the lower 48. Picture on message thread here:
  5. URD has TRD Supercharer Kits!!!

    Underdog Racing Development
    URD has a few of those discontinued and hard to find TRD Supercharger Kits if anyone is looking for one. Other Supercharger Kits - Underdog Racing Development
  6. ---===Everyone: Email URD-USA about the UCON-EMS===---

    I've spoken to Gadget at URD-USA and he says he has a UCON-EMS ready to test on a 05-06 Tundra. Contact him if you're in the area where his shop is located, see about setting up an appointment helping him get some testing/data on your truck. This is the last thing I was told needs to be done...
  7. FS: 4.7L--TRD Supercharger--CNC Machined parts

    Gen1 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2000-2006)
    For sale is: Set of 3 critical parts that are most all of the time missing when TRD superchargers are removed. I will not be separating these parts. They are packaged together as they were made... in a batch of 20 each. The 3 parts are: Upper pulley spacer that mounts the smooth pulley...
  8. ***Swift Racing Technologies: 2.3L Whipple Supercharger Kit----2uz-fe 4.7L***

    Swift Racing Technologies - What's New at SRT Found this pretty interesting. Another option for those looking for more HP/TQ, since the TRD superchargers are pretty rare.
  9. ***FS: 03-04 --Supercharged Tundra Unichip--5 Map Switch, Download Cable***

    Gen1 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2000-2006)
    $410 + Shipping to You Everything included in the Pictures/Stated in the Ad This Unichip will also work for the 03-04: 4Runner, Sequoia, Land Cruiser 4.7L, Lexus GX470 and LX470 that would be fitted with a TRD supercharger This Unichip kit was also included in a recent Highly Modified Forged...
  10. FS:--Complete--03'-04': 4.7L Tundra Unichip: 5 Map Switch, USB-Unichip Download Cable

    Gen1 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2000-2006)
    $375 + Shipping to You Everything included in the Pictures/Stated in the Ad This Unichip will also work for the 4Runner, Sequoia, Landcruiser 4.7L, Lexus GX470 and LX470 The Unichip kit was included in a recent Highly Modified Forged 2uz-fe motor purchase. It was used to tune the vehicle when...
  11. ***PolyDyn Thermal Barrier/Thermal Dispersant Coated-- Intake Manifold***

    The Intake Manifold was sent out to PolyDyn. After taking the 4.7L TRD supercharger off and going back to stock for now I decided to test their coatings out. No Urethane coating for now. It would be extra of course. I'm just wanting to see what these coatings are all about for future projects...
  12. Removing a TRD Supercharger - 2001 Toyota 4Runner 3.4L V6

    I realize that there are many people with experience installing the TRD Supercharger on 4Runners, Tacomas and T100s with the 3.4L V6 engine, but not so many people who have removed them and returned the vehicle to stock, but I would like to do just that. I have a 2001 Toyota 4Runner with that...
  13. 4.7l Trd Supercharger Help !!!

    hello Every Body !!! im New in this Thread :D i hope to lern allot from you guys ! and i would like to ask you somthing since you guys have a trd supercharger exp !! i have a 2002 Lexus Lx470 and i got it Trd Supercharged :beavbutt: and every thing is stoke !! the modes on it is : TRD...
  14. STS Turbo?

    I was watching Trucks yesterday and they installed a Squires Turbo System (STS) kit on a 2001ish Tacoma and claimed a 50% power increase, so I went and checked out their website. While they don't make a kit specific to the 1st gen Tundra, they do have universal kits (both single and twin)...
  15. FOUND: TRD 4.7L Superchargers FOR SALE

    Forced Induction
    For anyone who wants these elusive superchargers, Here are a few: 1.) TRD Supercharger 4.7L Toyota V8 | Fort Worth | eBay Classifieds (Kijiji) | 2737154 2.) TRD 4.7L V8 Supercharger '03-'04 Tundra/Sequoia | Knoxville | eBay Classifieds (Kijiji) | 2630798
  16. I am still in progress of tuning my truck...

    Since Gorilla can't be calm until he knows my numbers :rolleyes: So I went to Nissan Dealer today, since they are the only one who have Mustang Dyno AWD (MD-AWD-1100), with all gadgets... - in my area. I've asked one of the guys if they can run 3 times, and see what I have to the wheels...