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  1. 02' Wood Dash Trim Removal?!

    Guys, I have an 02' SR5 and need to take the main wood trim off that goes around the stereo, heater knobs etc. I just when outside to remove it and gave up after trying for about 5 minutes. Not sure how to get it off without breaking it or causing visible damage to the dash. Anyone know how to...
  2. Interior help needed!!!

    Hey everybody! I'm brand new to the forums and to the Tundra. I JUST picked up my 2013 last Monday. I'm in need of a little help and I was told that the forums will be my best bet. I ordered my Tundra with a black on black color scheme and when it was delivered, the upper half (above the...
  3. How can I remove 'wood-like' panel trim?

    Greetings, all, I'm a recent purchaser of a pristine 2008 Sequoia Limited (only 14K miles). Upgrading from our 2005 Expedition tow rig, it's quite a jump in power, comfort, ride, handling, and even gas mileage. But ... the original owners opted for the "burlwood-like" dash trim kit, which I just...
  4. passenger mat

    Hello all, I pulled the factory mats before they even got a footprint upon them and replaced them with WeatherTech fitted mats. I love the way they fit! I have but one problem: The passenger mat does not have the same retainer on the floor as the driver. Is there a hole under the rug to put...